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Weekend Sahist Severinean, Copii sub 14 ani, Elo<1800, sah clasic - Drobeta Turnu Severin, Hotel Continental, 25-26 martie 2023

Last update 27.03.2023 13:52:55, Creator/Last Upload: piataseverineana

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Starting rank

1IVCioaba, David Daniel42222001ROU1037SAH CLUB DROBETA
2FCCeausiu, David AndreiROU1001SAH CLUB DROBETA
3FCCiorba, Albert-Ciprian42222010ROU1001Ac De Sah Tinerii Spartani Tg-
4FCCrisan, CasianROU1001Cs Giroc-Chisoda
5FCCrisan, Rares42224110ROU1001CS Giroc-Chisoda
6FCLolea, Iulia-MariaROU1001SAH CLUB DROBETA
7FCMladin, David GabrielROU1001SAH CLUB DROBETA
8FCOcica, Luca-FlorianROU1001Cs Sah Club Oltenia Craiova
9FCStefanescu, Alessia Nadine42222060ROU1001SAH CLUB DROBETA
10FCVasilescu, Anca-Maria42214980ROU1001Cs Sah Club Oltenia Craiova
11FCPanescu, David-IulianROU0SAH CLUB DROBETA
12FCButusina, Marian-IonelROU0SAH CLUB DROBETA