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First Saturday Scheveningen February 2023

Last update 14.02.2023 21:34:15, Creator/Last Upload: Brindza Istvan IA

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Team-Composition with round-results

  1. A Team Higher Elo (RtgAvg:2017, TB1: 24,5 / TB2: 18)
1IMFarago, Sandor2090HUN7011901011½1+117,59188386,56,090,41104,1
2IMKahn, Evarth Dr.1953HUN70325711111+11+991893774,082,921029,2
3IMSzalanczi, Emil2007HUN700347111½11½+1891883875,331,671016,7
  2. B Team Lower Elo (RtgAvg:1874, TB1: 2,5 / TB2: 0)
1Minerva, Enzo1809ITA80788500000----092029501,11-1,1120-22,2
2Szabo, Bela1955HUN7196090100½00001,59201791,53,75-2,2520-45
3Monduk, Ferenc1859HUN761338000½00½00192017912,64-1,6420-32,8