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Swiss Young Masters 2023

Last update 15.04.2023 14:24:28, Creator/Last Upload: Schachclub Brombach e.V.

Starting rank list of players

4GMPeng, Li Min14112620UKR2549Dssp
9IMLaurent-Paoli, Pierre26017962FRA2539Valais
10GMYankelevich, Lev24684074GER2459Münchener SC 1836 e.V.
6IMGschnitzer, Adrian1270337GER2420SV 1947 Walldorf
3FMRiehle, Marco12904392GER2356SF Sasbach e.V.
7FMStijve, Theo1331132SUI2351Payerne
1FMHasenohr, Benedict1303309SUI2309Winterthur Sg
8Asllani, Dorian1341332SUI2293Nyon
2WGMHakimifard, Ghazal12506540SUI2291Luzern Schachgesellschaft
5WIMGeorgescu, Lena1331973SUI2285Winterthur Sg