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Schülerliga Kreis Nord 2023_4.Turnier - U12

Last update 14.01.2023 19:06:27, Creator/Last Upload: Gerald Hametner

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Starting rank

1Raber Eduard136450AUT1449Sv Steyregg
2Pleimer Noah141288AUT1424Ask St. Valentin
3Donets Valeriy143097UKR1295Ask St. Valentin
4Mena Cortes Alain Daniel140222AUT1213Sv Steyregg
5Raber Ulrich136451AUT929Sv Steyregg
6Klopf Sarah132282AUT928wJsv U. Mühlviertel
7Kapl Noah138010AUT807Su Bad Leonfelden
8Takenaka Tetsuya141957AUT800Jsv Linz
9Wineroither Gordon139243AUT800Dsg Union St.Martin/Traun
10Danner Simon142116AUT0Su Bad Leonfelden
11Ortner Pascal140931AUT0Sv Haslach
12Pötscher Niklas136637AUT0Su Bad Leonfelden