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Jugendlandesmeisterschaft U16+ U18 2023

Last update 02.01.2023 10:12:58, Creator/Last Upload: NĂ–.-Schachverband

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Starting rank

1Kuti Oliver1661620AUT1936
2Pernerstorfer Moritz1657615AUT1902
3Lotz Dominik1662686AUT1827
4Karner Daniel1648403AUT1785
5Wolf Julian1666240AUT1739
6Broneder Kurt1654730AUT1657
7Bendl Felix1679635AUT1625
8Winkelbauer Christian1674668AUT1615
9Soldo Dario1678841AUT1604
10Pernerstorfer Leo1664832AUT1447
11Wittek Arthur1681001AUT1425
12Bitzan Sebastian1681192AUT1296
13Kriha FabianAUT1296
14Kriha TobiasAUT954