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Novoroční cena města Bílovce 2023

Last update 07.01.2023 17:01:26, Creator/Last Upload: Czech Republic licence 65

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Final Ranking crosstable after 9 Rounds

Rk.NameRtgFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.Rd8.Rd9.RdPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
1FMZylka Stanislaw2326POL 88w1 23b1 42w1 7b1 36w1 2b0 13w1 5w1 9b184456,541
2IMMaly Alexey2277UKR109b1 33w1 45b1 30w1 9b1 1w1 5b½ 21w1 3b½843,555,543
3GMPacher Milan2371SVK 59w1121b1 14w1 6b1 5w0 34b1 30w1 20b1 2w½7,542,55439,5
4FMMalík Jan2262CZE 22b0123w1 96b1 89w1 12b½ 10w1 35w1 11b1 20w17,5394933,5
5IMVesselovsky Serguei2201CZE107b1114w1 35b1 15w1 3b1 25w1 2w½ 1b0 6w½744,556,541
6Machýček Lubomír2149CZE 31b1 24w1 41b1 3w0 33b½ 65w1 54b1 12w1 5b½74153,536
7FMLys Josef2082CZE131b1 97w1120b1 1w0 16b1 31w0 26b1 23w1 21b173849,535
8FMMudrák Josef2179CZE 61w1 38b½ 79w1 32b0 82w1 41b1 33w½ 37b1 24w173747,533,5
9FMJablonicky Martin2276SVK 95w1 26b1 57w1 62b1 2w0 35b½ 19w1 34b1 1w06,5415337
10Mařák Jakub1795CZE140b1 13w½ 43w½ 14b1 42w1 4b0 57w1 32b½ 35w16,54050,532,5
11IMBureš Jaroslav2353CZE 96b1 12w1 39b0 65w1 41b½ 63w1 25b1 4w0 44b16,53950,533,5
12Dostál Radim1862CZE137w1 11b0 94w1 79b1 4w½ 40b1 43w1 6b0 30w16,53949,532,5
13Mrva Marek2077CZE110w1 10b½ 80w1 38b1 32w½ 53b1 1b0 33w½ 49b16,5385034,5
14Očkay Tomáš1987CZE157b1 71w1 3b0 10w0 86b1 80w1 38b1 16w½ 33b16,53847,531
15Omamík Pavel2102CZE 98w1 82b1 84w1 5b0 19w½ 33b0 78w1 63b1 32w16,535,546,532,5
16Kroliczek Gabriela1830POL142w1 36b0 99w1100b1 7w0 59b1 58w1 14b½ 42w16,535,545,531
17Jelínek Marek2017CZE 99w1 84b0 88w1 78b1 37w½ 19b0 81w1 41b1 31w16,534,544,530,5
18Didi Jan1905CZE136b1 22w1 20b0 54w0107b1134w1 53w1 30b½ 34w16,5344331
19AGMMalinowski Damian1887POL 28b1 53w1 30b0134w1 15b½ 17w1 9b0 51w1 25b½64150,532
20Krajina Aleš2167CZE 55w1 56b1 18w1 34b0 57w1 32b1 31w1 3w0 4b0640,55336
21IMKlíma Lukáš2229CZE130w1 37b1 32w½ 48b1 34w½ 44b1 24w1 2b0 7w0640,55236
22Bjolek Jan1594CZE 4w1 18b0 27w1 37b0 23w0104b1117w1 56b1 58w163849,526
23Vránová Zdeňka1867CZE125b1 1w0 31b0152w1 22b1 61w1 36w1 7b0 67w1637,54828
24Kubik Rafal1821POL105w1 6b0112w1102b1 62w1 36b1 21b0 39w1 8b06374833
25Dobeš Luděk1983CZE 92w1 80b½ 46w1122b1 40w1 5b0 11w0 75b1 19w½63747,533,5
26Kania Dominik1862POL 72b1 9w0 98b1 86w1 60b1 30w0 7w0 96b1 64w1635,546,530
27Nováček Pavel1881CZE 53b0 28w1 22b0111w1 61b0106w1 98b1 76w1 68b1633,543,524
28Bravanský Lukáš1345CZE 19w0 27b0126w1130b1101w1 78b½ 66w½ 90b1 57w1632,54224,5
29Zimniok Lubomír1961CZE132w1 70b0130w1120w½ 46b1 77b0 79w1 40b½ 59w16324129
30FMVrána František2141CZE 94w1 78b1 19w1 2b0 49w1 26b1 3b0 18w½ 12b05,542,55534
31Stypka Sebastian1560POL 6w0105b1 23w1 56b1 48w1 7b1 20b0 44w½ 17b05,541,552,531
32FMČempel Jaroslav1907CZE106b1 86w1 21b½ 8w1 13b½ 20w0 73b1 10w½ 15b05,5415233
33Lichorad Mateusz1859POL147w1 2b0110w1133b1 6w½ 15w1 8b½ 13b½ 14w05,540,551,531
34Sojka Aleš2013CZE 93b1 69w1 54b1 20w1 21b½ 3w0 77b1 9w0 18b05,539,551,535,5
35WCMStarosta Martyna1971POL135w1 47b1 5w0 81b1 75w1 9w½ 4b0 54w1 10b05,539,55032
36FMMiča Marek2173CZE161b1 16w1 44b1 60w1 1b0 24w0 23b0 83w1 37b½5,5394932,5
37Dylong Antoni1854POL158b1 21w0131b1 22w1 17b½ 39w½ 60b1 8w0 36w½5,5384730
38Pardy Jiří1842CZE139b1 8w½ 87b1 13w0 45b½ 67w1 14w0 95b1 40w½5,537,547,529
39Šudřich Radek1985CZE118w1 75b1 11w1 40b0 77w½ 37b½ 56w1 24b0 47w½5,536,54732
40Matoušek Petr2117CZE116b1 89w1 65b½ 39w1 25b0 12w0121b1 29w½ 38b½5,536,546,531
41Beneš Miroslav1890CZE123w1133b1 6w0101b1 11w½ 8w0 87b1 17w0 85b15,536,546,529,5
42FMSobek Jaroslav1984CZE148b1 68w1 1b0 84w1 10b0 83w½120b1 77w1 16b05,535,546,530
43Vysoglad Petr2019CZE 76b½ 64w1 10b½ 97w1 54b½120w1 12b0 49w0 80b15,53545,529,5
44Štefaník Marek1938CZE100w1101b1 36w0 90b1 59w1 21w0 97b1 31b½ 11w05,534,54532
45Potomák Vladimír1976CZE 67b1 74w1 2w0 82b½ 38w½ 75b0 76b½ 87w1 83b15,533,54627
46Doniec Mateusz1387POL 63b½ 83w1 25b0 91w1 29w0 81b0 82w1 78b1 75w15,533,54424,5
47Krampol Vladimír1689CZE115b1 35w0 53b0106w1 64b0125w1 72b1 60w1 39b½5,533,542,524,5
48Pavera Vít1969CZE111b1 87w½ 76b1 21w0 31b0 93w1 83b0 53w1 77b15,5334327
49Vícha Martin1906CZE138w1 79b0 55w1 70w1 30b0133b1 75w½ 43b1 13w05,53342,529,5
50Káňa Pavel1921CZE 85w1 77b0 61w1 75b0 55w½ 95b0124b1 93w1 86b15,531,54024,5
51Navrátilík Pavel2007CZE112w1120b0 95w½ 53w0136b1 88b1 91w1 19b0 79w15,530,539,525,5
52Kula Anna1255POL 56w0 55b0160w1110b½ 96w0151b1 88w1 81b1 91w15,5293620
53Kristl Šimon1341CZE 27w1 19b0 47w1 51b1 58w1 13w0 18b0 48b0101w154050,528
54Niesyt Michal1640POL127w1 58b1 34w0 18b1 43w½ 62b1 6w0 35b0 66w½53848,530
55Moczala Maja1564POL 20b0 52w1 49b0 72w1 50b½ 89w1 63b0 69w½ 97b15364622,5
56Kozelský Marek1824CZE 52b1 20w0128b1 31w0 98b1 64w1 39b0 22w0116b1535,54526
57Miszczak Dariusz1918POL152b1134w1 9b0 68w1 20b0 70w1 10b0109w1 28b0535,544,529
58Kondys Piotr1943POL159b1 54w0109b1 71w1 53b0 68w1 16b0 70w1 22b053543,528
59Ramiš Ondřej1614CZE 3b0141w1124b1114w1 44b0 16w0113b1 65w1 29b0534,54526
60Václavík Martin2022CZE103w1 81b1 77w1 36b0 26w0 71b1 37w0 47b0 95w1534,544,529
61Sputowski Jakub1571POL 8b0139w1 50b0125w1 27w1 23b0 84b½120w1 63w½534,544,523
62Židek Václav2033CZE128b1 73w1 70b1 9w0 24b0 54w0107b1 68w0109b15344428
63Rafaja Marek1912CZE 46w½129b1122w0 95b1 76w1 11b0 55w1 15w0 61b½5344427
64Buchtová Viktorie1428CZE 66w½ 43b0129w1 80b½ 47w1 56b0133w1 73w1 26b05344324,5
65Čáp Šimon1884CZE104w1108b1 40w½ 11b0122w1 6b0 95w½ 59b0107w153343,528
66Cudnik Andrzej1927POL 64b½ 76w0 93b1 87w1120b0 92w1 28b½ 86w½ 54b½532,542,524,5
67Šudřich Radek1456CZE 45w0145b1 82w0127b1 90w1 38b0 71w1 97w1 23b0532,541,524
68Figa Karolina1687POL145w1 42b0142w1 57b0137w1 58b0 99w1 62b1 27w0530,539,526
69Depta Tomáš1732CZE113w1 34b0 85w½ 76b0 95w0126b1100w1 55b½103w15303921,5
70Cieslar Eugeniusz1679POL155b1 29w1 62w0 49b0156w1 57b0135w1 58b0105w15303826
71Kudla Martin1701CZE146w1 14b0138w1 58b0 85w1 60w0 67b0135b1118w1529,53924
72Tyrna Filip1301POL 26w0 95b0165w1 55b0127w1101b1 47w0133b1 96w152935,519
73Tokarský Radovan1776CZE143w1 62b0100w0132b1135w1105b1 32w0 64b0 98w1528,53725
74Buchta Bartoloměj1676CZE165w1 45b0102w0138b1105w0 85b0104w1142b1115w1526,532,521
75Czernecki Andrzej1696POL126b1 39w0136b1 50w1 35b0 45w1 49b½ 25w0 46b04,536,545,527,5
76Zyla Pawel1501POL 43w½ 66b1 48w0 69w1 63b0 82b1 45w½ 27b0 90w½4,53646,524,5
77Jendrowiak Maciej1653POL162b1 50w1 60b0121w1 39b½ 29w1 34w0 42b0 48w04,5364429,5
78Maňuch Miroslav1820CZE154b1 30w0 92b1 17w0128b1 28w½ 15b0 46w0108b14,535,544,524
79Opluštil Jiří1637CZE163b1 49w1 8b0 12w0102b1121w½ 29b0 84w1 51b04,535,54426
80Vojvodík Robert1690CZE124b1 25w½ 13b0 64w½123w1 14b0103w1 85b½ 43w04,5354525
81Jaššo Slavomír1757CZE119b1 60w0111b1 35w0 92b½ 46w1 17b0 52w0128b14,5344423,5
82Bergloviec Jan1808CZE149b1 15w0 67b1 45w½ 8b0 76w0 46b0123w1131b14,5344422
83Kriebel Rudolf1689CZE122w½ 46b0151w1 85b½104w1 42b½ 48w1 36b0 45w04,5344224,5
84Kubelka Martin1753CZE151w1 17w1 15b0 42b0100w½103b½ 61w½ 79b0122w14,5334224
85Lacková Ludmila1425CZE 50b0163w1 69b½ 83w½ 71b0 74w1134b1 80w½ 41w04,532,539,522,5
86Hurta Jiří1626CZE160w1 32b0144w1 26b0 14w0138b1105w1 66b½ 50w04,53240,524
87Špála Jiří1656CZE144w1 48b½ 38w0 66b0153w1122b1 41w0 45b0126w14,531,539,523
88Broskevič Lumír1606CZE 1b0125w1 17b0136w½139b1 51w0 52b0129w1124b14,5314219
89Oborný Lubor1815CZE102w1 40b0135w1 4b0103w½ 55b0 92w½132b1 94w½4,53141,522,5
90Tyleček Drahomír1722CZE108b0104w1106b1 44w0 67b0111w1131b1 28w0 76b½4,53140,522,5
91Petkov Jan1692CZE129w½122b0127w1 46b0110w1100b1 51b0121w1 52b04,529,538,522,5
92Prokop David1461CZE 25b0115w1 78w0144b1 81w½ 66b0 89b½124w½121b14,529,538,520
93Kotas Vojtěch1489CZE 34w0151b½ 66w0153b1129w1 48b0141w1 50b0133w14,5283619
94Káňa Zdeněk1557CZE 30b0154w1 12b0158w1121b0108w0156b1102w1 89b½4,52634,519,5
95Moravec Hynek1594CZE 9b0 72w1 51b½ 63w0 69b1 50w1 65b½ 38w0 60b0436,54822
96Petrov Nikolaj1611CZE 11w0137b1 4w0123b0 52b1102w1108b1 26w0 72b0434,54520
97Tvrdý Petr1802CZE164w1 7b0132w1 43b0112w1 99b1 44w0 67b0 55w0432,540,525
98Niemczyk Krzysztof1552POL 15b0149w1 26w0147b1 56w0156b1 27w0117b1 73b043240,520
99Vaněk Jakub1493CZE 17b0117w1 16b0113w1114b1 97w0 68b0108w0137b1431,54120
100Kovalčík Adam1430CZE 44b0162w1 73b1 16w0 84b½ 91w0 69b0139w1114b½431,54020
101Kovács Viliam1657CZE166b1 44w0113b1 41w0 28b0 72w0125b1137w1 53b0431,538,521
102Lezon Adam1191POL 89b0116w1 74b1 24w0 79w0 96b0110w1 94b0135w1430,539,519
103Malina Roman1514CZE 60b0119w1114b0140w1 89b½ 84w½ 80b0113w1 69b0430,538,520,5
104Walaszczyk Mikolaj1342POL 65b0 90b0115w1109w1 83b0 22w0 74b0146w1134b14303916
105Mrozek Wojciech1235POL 24b0 31w0161b1157w1 74b1 73w0 86b0134w1 70b04303820
106Zmelty David1368CZE 32w0153b1 90w0 47b0115w1 27b0119w0145b1143w1429,53816
107Nešpor Ivan1584CZE 5w0156b1121w0141b1 18w0137b1 62w0143b1 65b04293820
108Wasilewski Mateusz1106POL 90w1 65w0134b0112b0132w1 94b1 96w0 99b1 78w04293720
109Myška Dušan1595CZE 2w0147b1 58w0104b0158w1123b1143w1 57b0 62w0428,538,520
110Dračka Alexander1524CZE 13b0140w1 33b0 52w½ 91b0136w½102b0158b1147w1428,53716
111Kubiniok Stanislaw1447POL 48w0165b1 81w0 27b0119w1 90b0126w0149b1140w142834,516
112Dubový Marek1484CZE 51b0126w1 24b0108w1 97b0124w0146b1115b0142w1427,536,518
113Lacková Lucie1117CZE 69b0157w1101w0 99b0118w1130b1 59w0103b0138w1427,534,518
114Hapka Tomáš1852CZE156w1 5b0103w1 59b0 99w0135b0123w½141b1100w½426,535,520
115Kořínek Teodor1067CZE 47w0 92b0104b0161w1106b0159w1136b1112w1 74b0426,53415
116Macura Jiri1554CZE 40w0102b0154w1137b0147w1141b½122w½119b1 56w0425,533,517,5
117Kula Helena1125POL120w0 99b0123b0150w1159b1128w1 22b0 98w0148b14253316
118Štefaník Petr1471CZE 39b0124w0140b0145w1113b0139w1155b1127w1 71b04253315
119Krzystala Tymoteusz1140POL 81w0103b0152b0162w1111b0148w1106b1116w0136b1424,53114
120Cieply Krzysztof1746POL117b1 51w1 7w0 29b½ 66w1 43b0 42w0 61b0 -03,5374825
121Keprt Pavel1872CZE141w1 3w0107b1 77b0 94w1 79b½ 40w0 91b0 92w03,53242,523
122Urbánek Štěpán1218CZE 83b½ 91w1 63b1 25w0 65b0 87w0116b½128w½ 84b03,53241,522
123Glajc Nikodem1359POL 41b0 4b0117w1 96w1 80b0109w0114b½ 82b0151w13,530,540,515,5
124Dziuba Sebastian1004POL 80w0118b1 59w0151b1133w0112b1 50w0 92b½ 88w03,529,537,519
125Kopecký Michal1305CZE 23w0 88b0155w1 61b0144w1 47b0101w0150b1130w½3,528,53714,5
126Andilová Klára1059CZE 75w0112b0 28b0160w1152b1 69w0111b1131w½ 87b03,5283615
127Svoboda Tobias0CZE 54b0152w1 91b0 67w0 72b0149b1138w1118b0132w½3,52835,515,5
128Štencel Martin1520CZE 62w0143b1 56w0142b1 78w0117b0140w1122b½ 81w03,527,535,518
129Lutostanski Karol1051POL 91b½ 63w0 64b0139w0 93b0150b1153w1 88b0161w13,5273412,5
130Řičica Lubomír1584CZE 21b0158w1 29b0 28w0164b1113w0137b0156w1125b½3,526,533,515,5
131Bohdal Karel1527CZE 7w0164b1 37w0156b0142w1140b1 90w0126b½ 82w03,5263418
132Karásek Jaroslav1443CZE 29b0166w1 97b0 73w0108b0164w1144b1 89w0127b½3,5253215,5
133Rechtenberg Karel1636CZE150b1 41w0146b1 33w0124b1 49w0 64b0 72w0 93b033240,521
134Cyroň Karel1637CZE153w1 57b0108w1 19b0143w1 18b0 85w0105b0104w0330,539,521
135Prokop Matěj1452CZE 35b0155w1 89b0146w1 73b0114w1 70b0 71w0102b0330,538,518
136Machura Jaroslav1362CZE 18w0160b1 75w0 88b½ 51w0110b½115w0144b1119w0329,53815
137Kula Tomasz1301POL 12b0 96w0166b1116w1 68b0107w0130w1101b0 99w0328,53616
138Martikán Jiří1364CZE 49b0150w1 71b0 74w0146b1 86w0127b0155w1113b03283615
139Šeděnka Milan1264CZE 38w0 61b0153w½129b1 88w0118b0145w1100b0141w½3273513
140Tyrna Stanislaw1157POL 10w0110b0118w1103b0148b1131w0128b0157w1111b032634,514
141Lach Marek1336POL121b0 59b0145w1107w0166b1116w½ 93b0114w0139b½3263214,5
142Zeman Daniel1263CZE 16b0161w1 68b0128w0131b0166w1157b1 74w0112b032532,515
143Šuchma Jakub1153CZE 73b0128w0159b1148w1134b0157w1109b0107w0106b0323,530,517
144Kulhánek Matouš0CZE 87b0159w1 86b0 92w0125b0154b1132w0136w0156b1323,53013
145Gavač Michal0CZE 68b0 67w0141b0118b0163w1152w1139b0106w0157b1323,53010
146Herok Pawel1066POL 71b0148w1133w0135b0138w0147b1112w0104b0158w13233013
147Kubelka Jaroslav1300CZE 33b0109w0162b1 98w0116b0146w0164b1160w1110b032329,512
148Babiš Zdeněk1461CZE 42w0146b0164w1143b0140w0119b0151w1154b1117w032228,512
149Mynář Kryštof1176CZE 82w0 98b0157b0166w0162b1127w0159b1111w0160b1319,5259
150Židek Damian0CZE133w0138b0156w0117b0165b1129w0152b1125w0159b1319,5249

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Tie Break1: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break2: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break3: Fide Tie-Break