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Round 1 Start 3.00PM

Penang Heritage City International Chess Blitz 2022

Last update 23.12.2022 20:23:36, Creator/Last Upload: PenangChessAssociation

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Final Ranking crosstable after 13 Rounds

Rk.NameRtgFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.Rd8.Rd9.Rd10.Rd11.Rd12.Rd13.RdPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
1Novendra Priasmoro2412INA 48w1 45b1 13w1 19b1 2w1 5b1 3w1 7b0 18w1 4b1 10w1 8b½ 14w111,5097101,00
2Amirmohammad Soozankar2150IRI 61b1 47w1 52b1 10w1 1b0 11w1 35b1 8w1 7w1 3b1 13w1 14b½ 4b010,509585,75
3Xie Kaifan2023CHN 66w1 29b1 28w1 8b1 7w1 9b1 1b0 5w1 6b0 2w0 22b1 16w1 10b11009783,00
4Dede Lioe2299INA 85w- -0 88b1 51w1 34b1 42w1 63b1 22w1 11b1 1w0 15b1 7b1 2w11008677,50
5Harikrishnan A Ra2271IND 81w1 72b1 20w1 15b1 35w1 1w0 6b1 3b0 14w1 7b½ 8w0 13b1 18w19,519274,00
6Makarov Nikolai Val2192RUS 49w1 56b1 16w1 35b0 28w1 20b1 5w0 24b1 3w1 13b½ 7w0 31b1 8w19,5089,576,25
7Arifa Rizki Syaputra2168INA 34b1 36w1 22b1 11w1 3b0 10w1 15b1 1w1 2b0 5w½ 6b1 4w0 9b½90101,579,25
8Muhamad Agus Kurniawan2257INA 78b1 23w1 31b1 3w0 14w1 13b½ 9w1 2b0 40w1 19b1 5b1 1w½ 6b0909673,00
9Dau Khuong Duy2130VIE 41w1 21b1 12w1 14b½ 18w1 3w0 8b0 16b0 69w1 32b1 17w1 24b1 7w½909170,75
10Tan Jun Hao1843SGP 30w1 68b1 18w1 2b0 64w1 7b0 28w1 19b1 35b1 16w1 1b0 11w1 3w0909167,50
11Ng Sheng Feng1919SGP 79w1 42b1 73w1 7b0 46w1 2b0 16w1 12b1 4w0 28b1 18w1 10b0 20w19089,566,50
12Uzair Bin Shahar1712MAS 93b1 65w1 9b0 38w1 42b1 35w0 30b1 11w0 36b1 15w0 44b1 56w1 19w1908060,50
13Nguyen Vuong Tung Lam1869VIE 27b1 44w1 1b0 67w1 23b1 8w½ 19w1 14b½ 15b1 6w½ 2b0 5w0 29b18,509466,00
14Dinh Nho Kiet1958VIE 57b1 67w1 25b1 9w½ 8b0 30w1 21b1 13w½ 5b0 37w1 35b1 2w½ 1b08,509063,00
15Anthony Liong2086MAS 50w1 46b1 40w1 5w0 17b1 24b1 7w0 20b1 13w0 12b1 4w0 28b½ 31w18,5089,565,75
16Osaka Hendra Ginting1730INA 89b1 62w1 6b0 85w½ 29b1 26w1 11b0 9w1 21w1 10b0 39w1 3b0 28w18,508559,75
17Lee Jing Xi Jonathan1603SGP 98w1 70b1 19w0 49b1 15w0 48b1 18w0 43b½ 57w1 21b1 9b0 50w1 30b18,5080,557,00
18Novita Anjas2304INA 95b1 63w1 10b0 25w1 9b0 64w1 17b1 37w1 1b0 24w1 11b0 22w1 5b08087,555,50
19Evan Timothy Capel2092MAS 55b1 96w1 17b1 1w0 45b1 22w1 13b0 10w0 56b1 8w0 36b1 37w1 12b08085,554,00
20Tin Shan Wen1833MAS 51b1 85w1 5b0 44w1 36b1 6w0 47b1 15w0 63b1 22w0 29b1 23w1 11b08084,554,00
21Sai Siddharth1409SGP106b1 9w0 62b1 27w1 26b½ 39b1 14w0 57w1 16b0 17w0 55b1 35w½ 44b1808152,00
22Satvik Kapoor1700SGP 82w1 86b1 7w0 68b1 48w1 19b0 61w1 4b0 64w1 20b1 3w0 18b0 38w1808050,00
23Sherralhan A/L Marimuthu1375MAS109w1 8b0 66w1 71b1 13w0 41b0 27w1 61b1 24w0 33b1 38w1 20b0 43w18078,548,50
24Kong Ren En1796MAS 65b0 92w1 78b1 95w1 47b1 15w0 36b1 6w0 23b1 18b0 41w1 9w0 42b1807851,00
25Kartikeyan Rajendran1275MAS117w+ 26b1 14w0 18b0 27w1 70b1 31w0 28b0 41w0 79w1 71b1 65w1 35b1807754,00
26Lim Wei Sheng1981MAS 87b1 25w0 39w1 43b1 21w½ 16b0 41w1 40b0 55b0 51w½ 61w1 49b1 36b1807753,50
27Sim Yan Xiang Ethan1126SGP 13w0107b1 32w1 21b0 25b0 52w1 23b0 90w1 81b½ 69b1 43w½ 67w1 37b1807448,25
28Megat Muhammad Irfan Bin M Mohd Nur1505MAS 83b1 59w1 3b0 55w1 6b0 62w1 10b0 25w1 44b1 11w0 42b1 15w½ 16b07,5084,549,75
29Choo Ting Han1349MAS 54b1 3w0 57b½ 53w1 16w0 85b1 39w½ 41b1 31w½ 40b1 20w0 32b1 13w07,5081,550,50
30Abby Tan Li Shuen1116MAS 10b0102w1 96b1 77w1 40w1 14b0 12w0 32b½ 43w1 46b1 31w0 39b1 17w07,5078,545,25
31Chua Jia-Tien1722MAS 97w1 71b1 8w0 42b0 38b1 95w1 25b1 35w0 29b½ 55w1 30b1 6w0 15b07,5077,546,75
32Yeoh Wei Shen1303MAS 76b1 35w0 27b0 60w0 83b1 89w1 62b1 30w½ 58b1 9w0 51b1 29w0 55b17,5072,545,25
33Alyssa Ng Jing Xuan1147SGP 35b0 54w1 36b0 59w0 88b1 58w½ 75b1 34w½ 95b1 23w0 77b½ 76w1 56b17,507044,50
34Tanush Kapoor1200SGP 7w0 99b1 45w0 84b1 4w0 80b½ 82w1 33b½ 86w0 88b1 73w1 46b1 39w½7,5069,543,50
35Paul John Lauron1963PHI 33w1 32b1 38w1 6w1 5b0 12b1 2w0 31b1 10w0 39b½ 14w0 21b½ 25w07090,555,00
36Soh Weing Chiong1311MAS 84w1 7b0 33w1 70b1 20w0 87b1 24w0 86b1 12w0 66b1 19w0 41b1 26w0707842,00
37Heriadi Ichwan1821INA 74w1 38b0 81w1 64b0 49w1 68b1 43w1 18b0 48w1 14b0 47w1 19b0 27w07076,545,50
38Lim Zhi Hong1197MAS111b+ 37w1 35b0 12b0 31w0 59b1 56w0 70b1 60w1 63w1 23b0 45w1 22b0707544,50
39Tin Shan Ze1556MAS104b½ 91w1 26b0 57w1 85b1 21w0 29b½ 55w1 47b1 35w½ 16b0 30w0 34b½707542,50
40Cahyadi1675MAS101b1 60w1 15b0 61w1 30b0 78w1 55b½ 26w1 8b0 29w0 50b½ 42w0 62b1707542,25
41Teah Jared1185SGP 9b0105w1 63b1 45w0 90b1 23w1 26b0 29w0 25b1 77w1 24b0 36w0 81b17074,541,50
42Ong Zhen Sean1247MAS102b1 11w0104b1 31w1 12w0 4b0 71w1 56b0 87w1 86b1 28w0 40b1 24w07074,538,50
43Lim Zhi Ting1270MAS 59b0 89w1 65b1 26w0 60b1102w1 37b0 17w½ 30b0 58w1 27b½ 62w1 23b07073,540,75
44Sung Tze Shyan Evin1233SGP107w1 13b0 86w1 20b0 70w0 99b1 74w1 46b1 28w0 73b1 12w0 47b1 21w07073,539,50
45Moby Adams1500AUS115w+ 1w0 34b1 41b1 19w0 61b0 49w1 64b0 66w0 87b1 48w1 38b0 69w1707346,00
46Lim Kian Guan1384MAS100b1 15w0 87b1 58w1 11b0 55w0 50b1 44w0 79b1 30w0 66b1 34w0 74b17072,540,00
47Nguyen Minh1284VIE103w1 2b0 79w1 73b1 24w0 71b1 20w0 60b1 39w0 74b1 37b0 44w0 65b17072,539,50
48Derek Por Wei Heng1216MAS 1b0101w1 91b1 52w1 22b0 17w0102b1 77w1 37b0 56w½ 45b0 58w1 50b½7071,538,75
49Rumi Arjuna Malique1200MAS 6b0 88w1 90b1 17w0 37b0104w1 45b0 65w1 51b0 70w1 74b1 26w0 63b1707138,00
50Choo Ting Yong1164MAS 15b0106w1 77b0 83w1 63b0 91w1 46w0 59b1 68w1 64b1 40w½ 17b0 48w½707040,00
51Volkov Petr An.1105RUS 20w0 53w1 67b0 4b0 80w0105w1103b1 96b1 49w1 26b½ 32w0 69b½ 72w17068,539,00
52Ferris Lim Feng Wei1648MAS110w1108b1 2w0 48b0 61w0 27b0 80w0106b1 82w1 62b0 88w1 86b1 57w17059,528,50
53Fatika La Viola Ifanka1734INA 86w0 51b0 80w1 29b0 99w0108b1 88w1 87b0 85w1 61b0 97w1 66w1 67b17058,532,50
54Nanis A/L Karunakairan0MAS 29w0 33b0110w1 66b0 97w0 76b1 72w0 98b1 96w½ 85b½ 87w1 95b1 64w17058,531,25
55Jayden Cheng1180SGP 19w0109b1 56w1 28b0 72w1 46b1 40w½ 39b0 26w1 31b0 21w0 59b1 32w06,5078,539,00
56Colin Chong Kam Yuen1437MAS105b1 6w0 55b0 89w1 62b0 65w1 38b1 42w1 19w0 48b½ 57w1 12b0 33w06,5074,538,50
57Javier Teo Hong Kai1141SGP 14w0103b1 29w½ 39b0 98w1 72b1 69w1 21b0 17b0 81w1 56b0 77w1 52b06,507235,25
58Tharun A/L Gobinath0MAS 68w0 -1 75b1 46b0 69w0 33b½ 85w1 80b1 32w0 43b0 60w1 48b0 87w16,5068,536,75
59Peh Yi Feng0MAS 43w1 28b0 68w0 33b1 95b0 38w0 89b1 50w0 75b½ 92w1 81b1 55w0 78b16,5067,538,50
60Darwin Caius Wong Okyere0USA113w+ 40b0 64w0 32b1 43w0 67w1 81b1 47w0 38b0 95w½ 58b0 83w1 77b16,5067,537,75
61Heng Jun Herng Kyan1193SGP 2w0 80b1 72w1 40b0 52b1 45w1 22b0 23w0 77b0 53w1 26b0 78w½ 76b½6074,537,75
62Chong Hui Yi1163MAS112w+ 16b0 21w0103b1 56w1 28b0 32w0 73b0100w1 52w1 63b1 43b0 40w0607333,50
63Manan Agarwal1424SGP 80w1 18b0 41w0 86b1 50w1 66b1 4w0 68b1 20w0 38b0 62w0 73b1 49w06072,535,50
64Adam Safwan Rosli1261MAS 91b0 93w1 60b1 37w1 10b0 18b0 66w1 45w1 22b0 50w0 65b0 79w1 54b0607236,00
65Annabelle Tan Li Jia1048MAS 24w1 12b0 43w0 72b0106w1 56b0 84w1 49b0107w1 68b1 64w1 25b0 47w06070,533,50
66Cheah Jor Wii1156MAS 3b0100w1 23b0 54w1 77b1 63w0 64b0102w1 45b1 36w0 46w0 53b0 93w16069,532,50
67Anthony Chow Jun Xiang1253MAS118w+ 14b0 51w1 13b0 71w0 60b0100w1 74b0 84w1 97b1 86w1 27b0 53w06069,532,00
68Rosli Ain Insyirah1236MAS 58b1 10w0 59b1 22w0 91b1 37w0 79b1 63w0 50b0 65w0 70b1 74w0 89b1606934,00
69Hafiy Aiman Bin Khairul Hakeem1245MAS 73w0 97b1 71w0 82b½ 58b1 75w1 57b0 78w1 9b0 27w0 80b1 51w½ 45b06068,533,75
70Matthew Khor Rui Ming0MAS 77b1 17w0 92b1 36w0 44b1 25w0 78b0 38w0 72w1 49b0 68w0 97b1 85w16067,532,50
71Chuah Ee Hong1102MAS 75b1 31w0 69b1 23w0 67b1 47w0 42b0 95w0103b1 78w1 25w0 72b0 94w16067,532,00
72Justin Adams1494AUS 88b1 5w0 61b0 65w1 55b0 57w0 54b1 79w0 70b0100w1 89b1 71w1 51b06066,533,50
73Terry Ong Liang Kheng0MAS 69b1 90w1 11b0 47w0 78b0 79w0104b1 62w1 80b1 44w0 34b0 63w0 96b16064,530,00
74Clanice Ooi Qzi Yann1067MAS 37b0 77w0105b1 90w0100b1 96w1 44b0 67w1 78b1 47w0 49w0 68b1 46w0606429,50
75Ng Shu Heng1206MAS 71w0110b1 58w0 98b½ 82w1 69b0 33w0 85b0 59w½ 84b½ 96w1 94b½ 86w16058,526,25
76Ng Chuan Boon0MAS 32w0 79b0 98w0 99b0110w½ 54w0109b1101b1 94w1 90w1 95b1 33b0 61w½6055,524,00
77Teh Yi-Lynn1391MAS 70w0 74b1 50w1 30b0 66w0 97b1 87w1 48b0 61w1 41b0 33w½ 57b0 60w05,507032,25
78Klaus Lucas Yeo1201SGP 8w0 98b1 24w0108b1 73w1 40b0 70w1 69b0 74w0 71b0 82w1 61b½ 59w05,5067,526,50
79Tran Dinh Bao1128VIE 11b0 76w1 47b0 91w0108w1 73b1 68w0 72b1 46w0 25b0 85w1 64b0 82w½5,5066,526,75
80Kaarthik A/L Vejayenindren0MAS 63b0 61w0 53b0 93w1 51b1 34w½ 52b1 58w0 73w0 96b1 69w0 85b0 98w15,506531,25
81Chua Siang-Zhe1202MAS 5b0 83w1 37b0104w1102b0103w1 60w0 97b1 27w½ 57b0 59w0 84b1 41w05,5064,527,50
82Angad Dev Singh0MAS 22b0 95w0100b1 69w½ 75b0 98w1 34b0 92w½ 52b0103w1 78b0 90w1 79b½5,506126,25
83Heng Jun Kai Ryan0SGP 28w0 81b0107w1 50b0 32w0 84b0 94w½ 93b1 92b0101w1102w1 60b0 95w15,5059,524,50
84Navineya A/P Marimuthu0MAS 36b0 87w0 93b1 34w0104b0 83w1 65b0105w1 67b0 75w½ 92b1 81w0 99w15,505927,00
85Adam Ariff Bin Rosli1211MAS 4b+ 20b0 94w1 16b½ 39w0 29w0 58b0 75w1 53b0 54w½ 79b0 80w1 70b05071,528,75
86Chong Rou Yi1012MAS 53b1 22w0 44b0 63w0105b1 90w1 95b1 36w0 34b1 42w0 67b0 52w0 75b05069,528,00
87Tan Yi Xuan1156SGP 26w0 84b1 46w0 94b1 96b1 36w0 77b0 53w1 42b0 45w0 54b0104w1 58b05067,525,50
88Joshua Khor Rui Huang0MAS 72w0 49b0 4w0109b1 33w0 94b1 53b0 91w1 90b1 34w0 52b0 89w0102b1506620,50
89Cliff Teo Zhiguang1008SGP 16w0 43b0109w1 56b0 94w1 32b0 59w0100b0 99w1107b1 72w0 88b1 68w05062,520,00
90Tan Yin Kuang1513MAS 99w1 73b0 49w0 74b1 41w0 86b0106w1 27b0 88w0 76b0107w1 82b0105w1506022,50
91Peter Ng Tso Wong0SGP 64w1 39b0 48w0 79b1 68w0 50b0 97w0 88b0 93w0 99b0110w1103b1104b15058,520,50
92Teoh Ban Tat1264MAS 94w½ 24b0 70w0102w0103b0110b1 93w½ 82b½ 83w1 59b0 84w0 99b½107w15055,520,50
93Alfred Loh Zheng Yi0SGP 12w0 64b0 84w0 80b0109w1106b0 92b½ 83w0 91b1105w½100b1102w1 66b0505519,50
94Peh Yi Zheng0MAS 92b½104w½ 85b0 87w0 89b0 88w0 83b½108w1 76b0 98w1105b1 75w½ 71b05054,520,25
95Andrian Shatalin1215RUS 18w0 82b1108w1 24b0 59w1 31b0 86w0 71b1 33w0 60b½ 76w0 54w0 83b04,5070,522,50
96Rishi Kapoor1284SGP116b+ 19b0 30w0 97b1 87w0 74b0 99w1 51w0 54b½ 80w0 75b0101b1 73w04,506521,00
97Ain Safiya Binti Rosli0MAS 31b0 69w0106b1 96w0 54b1 77w0 91b1 81w0102b1 67w0 53b0 70w0100b½4,506022,25
98Eian Chan Jienlin0MAS 17b0 78w0 76b1 75w½ 57b0 82b0101w½ 54w0105b½ 94b0109w1106w1 80b04,5059,518,75
99Gui Zi Xuan0MAS 90b0 34w0102b0 76w1 53b1 44w0 96b0103w0 89b0 91w1106b1 92w½ 84b04,5057,524,50
100Matthias Kiran Yeo0SGP 46w0 66b0 82w0110b1 74w0101w1 67b0 89w1 62b0 72b0 93w0109b1 97w½4,505514,25
101Cheah Jor Xayn0MAS 40w0 48b0103w0106b0107w1100b0 98b½ 76w0109b1 83b0108w1 96w0110b14,5046,510,25
102Taasvin A/L Gobinath0MAS 42w0 30b0 99w1 92b1 81w1 43b0 48w0 66b0 97w0104w1 83b0 93b0 88w0406219,00
103Ng Zhonghan0MAS 47b0 57w0101b1 62w0 92w1 81b0 51w0 99b1 71w0 82b0104b0 91w0108b1405915,50
104Euan Chan Wenlin0MAS 39w½ 94b½ 42w0 81b0 84w1 49b0 73w0107b0106w1102b0103w1 87b0 91w0405819,50
105Justin Khor Rui Kai0MAS 56w0 41b0 74w0107b1 86w0 51b0108w1 84b0 98w½ 93b½ 94w0110b1 90b0405511,25
106Lakshman Rajendran0MAS 21w0 50b0 97w0101w1 65b0 93w1 90b0 52w0104b0110b1 99w0 98b0109w14053,512,00
107Volkov Grigoriy Ant0RUS 44b0 27w0 83b0105w0101b0109b1110w1104w1 65b0 89w0 90b0108w1 92b040498,00
108Joshua Wudijono Ng Tuck Jen0SGP114b+ 52w0 95b0 78w0 79b0 53w0105b0 94b0110w½109w½101b0107b0103w02051,52,75
109Muhammad Affan Wafiey Bin Mohd Kamal0MAS 23b0 55w0 89b0 88w0 93b0107w0 76w0110b1101w0108b½ 98b0100w0106b01,5050,51,75
110Danielle Wudijono Ng Hsuan Jen0SGP 52b0 75w0 54b0100w0 76b½ 92w0107b0109w0108b½106w0 91b0105w0101w01051,53,75
111Muhammad Kamalsyah2152INA 38w- -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -000440,00
Leonardo Alidani2032PHI 62b- -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -000440,00
Pratama Kevin Aurick1648INA 60b- -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -000440,00
Muhammad Abdillah Fatih Winartha1455INA108w- -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -000440,00
Jonathan Alfonso Tarman0INA 45b- -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -000440,00
Nur Amanina Binti Mohamed Azman0MAS 96w- -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -000440,00
Nur Zahra Binti Mohamed Azman0MAS 25b- -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -000440,00
Selly Remiandayu0INA 67b- -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -000440,00

Tie Break1: Direct Encounter (The results of the players in the same point group)
Tie Break2: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break3: Sonneborn-Berger-Tie-Break variable