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2022 Harrow Under 8 Qualifier

Last update 17.12.2022 18:07:58, Creator/Last Upload: LJCC

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Starting rank

1Kilambi Aahna343401082ENG973
2Gandhi Krish883Warwickshire Juniors
3Bednaya Julia857
4Swimer Asher343410901ENG782
5Pasuladi Sreeram343408915ENG760Epsom
6Ho Kingsley617
7Lu Duola454Harrow *
8Ullah Musa395Wallace Chess
9Punjwani Guhan277Harrow
10Alpeev Donir0
11Bharwani Daivik0Hounslow *
12Huang Cyrus0
13Huang Kobe0
14Sapra Adit0Chess Challengers
15Smith Louis0
16Vijayan Puhal0Luton
17Navon LiorENG603Barnet Knights
18Surisetty Abhinav RamENG0Reading *