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The 13th China Hainan danzhou superchess greandmaster tournament

Last update 14.12.2022 12:04:45, Creator: Chinesechessassociation,Last Upload: Chessocean

Starting rank list of players

5GMDing Liren8603677CHN2811Chefshouse
1GMGiri Anish24116068NED2764AnishGiri
8GMRapport Richard738590ROU2740Lordillidan
4GMVachier-Lagrave Maxime623539FRA2737LyonBeast
3GMAndreikin Dmitry4158814FID2729FairChess_on_YouTube
6GMErigaisi Arjun35009192IND2722GHANDEEVAM2003
2GMBu Xiangzhi8601445CHN2698chesswolf1210
7GMJu Wenjun8603006CHN2555Juwen