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Downend Christmas Blitz 2022

Last update 19.01.2023 18:26:17, Creator/Last Upload: Oli

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Final Ranking after 10 Rounds

11Meek Stephen JENG2107Downend & Fishponds8,5
22Chaplin Peter EENG2021Downend & Fishponds7,5
35Painter-Kooiman DavidENG1971Clevedon7,5
47Davis Colin JENG1798Bristol & Clifton7
56Williams Stephen MENG1877Downend & Fishponds7
64Morris MarkENG1986Downend & Fishponds6
712Curtis BrandonENG1485Bristol & Clifton5,5
814Thomas JamesENG1376Downend & Fishponds5,5
913Walne MathewENG1452Bristol & Clifton5
103Korolchuk TedENG1992Bristol & Clifton5
119Walker ElmiraENG1584Downend & Fishponds5
1211Daly GrantENG1526Downend & Fishponds4,5
138Tipper David IENG1759Downend & Fishponds4,5
1410Hawkins RobertENG1563Yate & Sodbury4,5
1519Davis MichaelENG0Bristol & Clifton4
1615Woods NicholasENG1351Downend & Fishponds4
1717Higenbottam CharlesENG1170Downend & Fishponds3,5
1816Tyagi MedhanshENG1298Downend & Fishponds3,5
1918Krishna SiddharthENG1044Downend & Fishponds2