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Staffordshire Junior Congress 2022: Under 16 and Under 18

Last update 04.12.2022 17:16:43, Creator/Last Upload: mattcarr2700

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Starting rank

1Conway-Lees Joe331568ENG1688
2Baddeley Jay349917ENG1604
3Moughtin-Leay John297301ENG1548
4Johal Amrissa301492ENG1474
5Daniels Rory350814ENG1435
6Cooper Dylan322840ENG1429
7Morgan Rhys350240ENG1269
8Sewell John327444ENG1150
9Cooper Oliver328720ENG1075
10Leonte Andreas54ENG0
11Stone Romairo330203ENG0
12Tavener Sean359016ENG0