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16. Pojedinacno prvenstvo Srbije za 2022.

Last update 14.12.2022 14:58:27, Creator/Last Upload: SRB Chess Federation

Starting rank list of players

7GMIndjic Aleksandar911925SRB2636
2GMIvic Velimir950122SRB2572
3GMPerunovic Milos921629SRB2541
6GMIvanisevic Ivan912417SRB2535
4GMBogosavljevic Boban931152SRB2518
9GMKovacevic Aleksandar903124SRB2480
5IMPerunovic Miodrag919993SRB2417
8IMRadovanovic Nikola900087SRB2414
1IMDjordjevic Vuk902098SRB2394
10FMMartic Ivan929301SRB2270