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Open Sub 2000 Can Picafort abril 2012 Winterchess 68272

Last update 27.04.2012 11:17:19, Creator: TORRENS GUARDIOLA, Joan,Last Upload: Spanish Chess Federation (Licence 158)

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Starting rank

1Oliver Amengual AdriaESP1925
2Navarrete Abraham JorgeESP1898
3Alemany Jara AlejandroESP1895
4Gimenez Garcia EmilioESP1802
5Nadal Bestard SebastiaESP1799
6Perez Garcia MiguelESP1799
7Trillo-Figueroa Vidal AntonioESP1790
8Tegtmeyer Tim NikoGER1784
9Roig Serralta NadalESP1720
10Matas Artigues JosepESP1715
11Mateu Mir GabrielESP1584
12Jaume Pons AntonioESP1753
13Serralta Font CarlesESP1627
14Carmona Carvajal ManuelESP0
15Gaitan Moyano JuanESP0
16Santandreu Riutort JosepESP0