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Игра началась! Юниоры 2002 г.р. и моложе (№ 16578 СМ в ЕКП)

Last update 07.12.2022 15:41:09, Creator/Last Upload: Berdsk, Alexander Zhdanov

Starting rank list of players

7GMSargsyan Shant013306766ARM26451000
5GMNesterov Arseniy25124198455RUS25672549
9IMMurzin Volodar65744155573RUS25562561
8GMLazavik Denis013515110BLR25291000
3IMMakarian Rudik196644105681RUS25052531
6IMGrebnev Aleksey554134189030RUS24772487
10IMBabazada Khazar013413554AZE24701000
1IMShubin Kirill125934119962RUS24542432
2FMTsvetkov Andrey617934139360RUS23982409
4FMSezdbekov Ruslan013801856KGZ22911000