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2012 china chess individual tournament group A(Men)

Last update 07.04.2012 07:52:23, Creator/Last Upload: Chinesechessassociation

Starting rank list of players

10GMWang YueCHN2702
8GMBu XiangzhiCHN2668
3GMDing LirenCHN2660
11GMHou YifanCHN2639
9GMNi HuaCHN2637
5GMZhou JianchaoCHN2625
7GMYu YangyiCHN2615
6GMZhao JunCHN2583
1GMLi ShilongCHN2549
12GMLu ShangleiCHN2514
2IMWang ChenCHN2490
4IMLiu QingnanCHN2461