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2. krompirjev turnir U16

Last update 08.11.2022 15:12:06, Creator/Last Upload: Andi130

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Starting rank

1Lukas Oven Leonard14641143SLO1500ŠD Izola
2Aidini Amra14652374SLO0ŠD Izola
3Blagojević Saša14657660SLO0ŠD Piran
4Klobas Astrid14652366SLO0ŠD Izola
5Prodan Eva14649837SLO0ŠD Izolalukas oven
6Prodan Martin14651734SLO0ŠD Izola
7Železnik Avgust14657678SLO0ŠD Piran