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CUS Chess Congress 2022 Masters

Last update 25.09.2022 19:00:50, Creator/Last Upload: IvanBaburin

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Alphabetical list

1Almousa Suleiman81034451979JOR
2Brozynski Patryk25127001911IRL
3Collins Adam25123001911IRL
4FMDaly Colm25004342222IRL
5Flynn Jacob25093932178IRL
6Goss Alex25094071895IRL
7Haque Muhtarim-Ul25094152157IRL
8Harding Tim25002561941IRL
9IMKanyamarala Tarun450047142410IRL
10Melaugh Shane25095802109IRL
11Murphy Sean25127422093IRL
12Murphy Oissine25036031894IRL
13Murray David25015112112IRL
14O'Cuilleanain Oisin25142492024IRL