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44. Velemajstorski turnir sahistkinja

Last update 11.03.2012 16:23:22, Creator/Last Upload: Belgrade Chess Federation

Starting rank list of players

6WGMVega Gutierrez SabrinaESP2323
9WGMVoiska MargaritaBUL2316
3WGMBenderac AnaSRB2294
2WGMOlarasu GabrielaROU2260
4WIMEric JovanaSRB2243
8WGMMaksimovic SuzanaSRB2227
10WIMVega Gutierrez BelindaESP2177
1Miladinovic LenaSRB2060
5Dizdarevic BarbaraSRB2042
7Imeeva AisaRUS2019