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South Wales Late Summer Open

Last update 04.09.2022 20:09:20, Creator/Last Upload: Kevin

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Starting rank

1IMCamacho Collados Jose2265427WLS2407
2FMKozusek Daniel349500WLS2328
3CMBullen Alex1801627WLS2115
4Young Alan1801309WLS2088
5CMGoater Kevin P411167ENG2045
6Pleasants Allan J411337WLS2005
7Garcia Jason1801775WLS1996
8Hatchett Paul1802330WLS1978
9Menadue Jeremy F S404349ENG1960
10May Adam J1800710WLS1941
11Jones Mark A418714ENG1926
12Thomas James1802020WLS1922
13Fathallah Joe1801899WLS1907
14Fowler Hugo433411WLS1904
15Duke Dillan487538ENG1896
16Jukes Sam1803182WLS1895
17Turner Joseph David1801520WLS1874
18Guy David1800337WLS1858
19Thomas Mark1801791WLS1842
20Robinson David1801368WLS1839
21Wagner Guy417297WLS1786
22Borkowski J Andrew1803786WLS1756
23Zografos Lef1806033WLS1749
24Chong Kimberly1804723WLS1717
25Chung Daniel1805177WLS1693
26Browse Joseph1806068WLS1629
27Morgans Justin1804898WLS1613
28Parri Deio1802259WLS1609
29Ley Cyril1804103WLS1571
30Chung Ethan Cheung Jing1804278WLS1570
31Mcghee David1805657WLS1529
32Wu Yuxuan1805029WLS1458
33Wang Andy460273ENG1424
34Szakmany Bence1804480WLS1375
35Smith Ellison1804979WLS1365
36Smith Callum A1805100WLS1322
37Kong Emma Zihan1805940WLS1270
38Bickford Ben1806190WLS0