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Prize ceremony for class A, B, C, D and E will be in the restaurant as soon as possible
after all games (in all classes) have finished.

Nordic Youth Chess Championship 2022 Class D

Senast uppdaterad28.08.2022 21:40:57, Creator/Last Upload: Josef HÃ¥kanson

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1Ostensen Nicolai Maxime1546970NOR2174
2Medhus Vitus Bondo1462547DEN2050
3Zander Emil1467123DEN1991
4Morell Oscar1752952SWE1905
5Jaakkola Niklas514977FIN1894
6Asikainen Eeli515990FIN1802
7Sakic Matija1744372SWE1797
8Heidarsson Mikael Bjarki2317532ISL1701
9Tenfjord Engelsen Teodor45188521NOR1698
10Briem Gudrun Fanney2317486ISL1514
11Samuelsen Brestir7203616FAI1251
12Magnussen Petur Gardar7203802FAI1196