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Pimlico Summer 10

Last update 24.07.2022 13:05:11, Creator: FIDE Qualification Commission,Last Upload:

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Starting rank

1Okike David2269
2Makepeace Phil2195
3Senior Gary2193
4Eames Bob2187
5Black Richard2102
6Bennett John2096
7Taylor Will2095
8Haldane Robin2080
9Fleming Nigel2072
10Cannon Richard2066
11Santos Ruiz Adrian2061
12Lee Tony2023
13Spanton Tim2001
14Dupre Paul1976
15Stern Robert1953
16McDonnell James1934
17Faulks Nick1933
18Patel Jagdip1933
19Lundback Anders1896
20Fenwick Hugh1874
21Shah Meet1861
22Padovan Rudy1840
23Thomas Izzie1840
24O'Shea Colm1839
25Muirhead Sam1827
26Sarfas Robin1784
27Valentine Tim1713
28Sixsmith Adam1700
29Ransome Wil1581