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Bear Open section

Last update 25.06.2022 13:05:36, Creator/Last Upload: South African Chess Fed. (Licence 90)

Starting rank

1Williams SergioRSA990
2Don KyleRSA940
3Lu Daniel Ting XuRSA892
4Arendse QuinwinRSA859
5Collair HoustonRSA854
6Warner AliciaRSA830
7Ellman Elle-MarieRSA787
8Schroeder LiamRSA638
9Williams Clarance-JohnRSA612
10Dodd AnyaRSA528
11Conradie QuiwinRSA0
12De Jager HenryRSA0
13Du Plessis JoshRSA0
14Lackay ShadleeRSA0
15Koopman TylerRSA0
16Sawayer LukeRSA0
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