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Prague International Chess Festival 2022 - Masters

Last update 17.06.2022 16:06:20, Creator/Last Upload: Czech Republic licence 63

Player Overview of a federation

Overview for team IRI

9GMMaghsoodloo ParhamIRI2716½½½0½10½½48Masters

Player details

GM Maghsoodloo Parham 2716 IRI Rp:2648 Pts. 4
12GMNguyen Thai Dai Van2610CZE5s ½Masters
23GMLe Quang Liem2709VIE6w ½Masters
34GMSalem A.R. Saleh2679UAE3s ½Masters
45GMHarikrishna Pentala2701IND6,5w 0Masters
56GMVidit Santosh Gujrathi2723IND4s ½Masters
67GMVallejo Pons Francisco2703ESP4,5w 1Masters
78GMShankland Sam2718USA5s 0Masters
810GMAnton Guijarro David2692ESP2s ½Masters
91GMNavara David2681CZE5w ½Masters