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Rapid Μάιος 2022

Last update 29.05.2022 13:41:58, Creator/Last Upload: Greek Chess Federation

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Starting rank

1Makridis Dimitrios25864475GRE1982
2Kouis Panayotis4270002GRE1644
3Volfson Michail4208609GRE1596
4Panagiotakopoulos Christos25818716GRE1456
5Dimitroulas Dimitrios4292995GRE1405
6Lountzis Andreas25864394GRE1321
7Sargentis Dionysios42112478GRE1278
8Papageorgis Ioannis Iosif25851314GRE1236
9Zervas Dionysios42112494GRE1016
10Zournatzidis PavlosGRE1005
11Liapopoulos Christos25800892GRE1000
12Leventis SotirisGRE0
13Nerantzakis Petros42132096GRE0
14Parras AthanasiosGRE0
15Spyropoulos Christos42143403GRE0