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2022 South Wales International Open

Last update 08.08.2022 10:17:25, Creator/Last Upload: Kevin

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Final Ranking after 9 Rounds

Rk.SNoNameFEDRtgPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
15GMWells Peter KENG237980747
23GMArkell Keith CENG240070551,5
32IMCamacho Collados JoseWLS241060552,5
49FMRichardson John RENG228960550,5
56IMRudd JackENG233160550
614Murphy Hugh WENG212560543,5
71GMMaksimenko AndreiUKR243460450
815CMBullen AlexWLS21065,50542,5
917WFMSmith OliviaWLS20385,50449,5
1012Hill AlistairENG21905,50448
1110FMNilsson JoakimSWE22135,50446
1218Menadue Jeremy F SENG19895,50445,5
1321Rathbone-Jones IfanWLS19365,50443,5
1416FMWaddington Mike PENG20715,50440
1511Brown ThomasWLS219450447
1620Ralphs NigelWLS196450443
1719AGMSkettos NicolasCYP197250436
1827Fowler HugoWLS187350345,5
1929Turner Joseph DavidWLS186950340
2025Jukes SamWLS19064,50441,5
2122AGMVan Kemenade RudyWLS19214,50438,5
2239Thomas RoyWLS16734,50431,5
2313FMBlackburn Jonathan L BWLS21764,50348,5
2426Spanton Tim RENG18894,50342,5
2528Gibbs Dominic VENG18734,50340,5
2631Robinson DavidWLS18574,50338
2723De Coverly Roger DENG19144,50240
2824Fathallah JoeWLS19124,50238,5
2940ACMMckenna JoshuaWLS165840435,5
3046Fowler CaspianWLS148340432
314FMDerakhshani BornaENG238740350,5
3230CMHughes AnthonyWLS186540339,5
3337Gawne MartinENG172440338,5
3450Davies CallumWLS040336,5
3534Khan MohammedENG177840327,5
3644Probert MalcolmWLS157240234,5
3741Hurn Robert AjWLS16053,50242
3842Williams RonWLS15893,50229,5
3938Dixon ChrisWLS16963,50132,5
4043Jones JeremyWLS15743,50132
4145Sainbayar AnuuraiENG151230339,5
4251Farley HarryENG030134
4335Bridges PaulWLS17542,50237,5
4449Westcott DaleWLS12502,50037
4552Jones LukeENG02,50033
4632Harding GarethWLS180820139,5
4736Di-Vetta AndrewWLS175410132
4848Emblem MarkWLS143710033,5
497FMKozusek DanielWLS232800027
8FMLiu YiAUS229700027
33Volovich JuliaENG178300027
47Allen EdwinENG144200027

Tie Break1: Direct Encounter (The results of the players in the same point group)
Tie Break2: The greater number of victories (variable)
Tie Break3: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)