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Master Chess Club - Junior Open 2022 U10

Last update 14.05.2022 16:37:18, Creator/Last Upload: IvanBaburin

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Starting rank

1Venkatraman AadhavanIRL0
2Fitzgerald AlexIRL0
3Linjo AlvinIRL0
4English AndrewIRL0
5Mulukutla AyaanshIRL0
6Whelan ConorIRL0
7de Burca CormacIRL0
8Jiang EndaIRL0
9Lynch EthanIRL0
10Lennon HenryIRL0
11McGinty IsaacIRL0
12Ahmed LawandIRL0
13McCarthy LiamIRL0
14Gormally Whittaker MaxIRL0
15Wang MikeIRL0
16Aquib Ibrahim MohamedIRL0
17Biswal SaianshIRL0
18Iraqi UmairaIRL0
19Perumal YazhisaiIRL0