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Livingston Allegro Open 2022

Last update 15.05.2022 18:56:47, Creator/Last Upload: Scotland chess federation (License 3)

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Starting rank

1Tate AlanSCO2340
2Newton AndrewSCO2024
3Leah TomSCO1936
4Kristjansson SnorriSCO1931
5Skettos NicolasSCO1928
6Bremner RossSCO1878
7Watson JacobSCO1847
8McDonald IanSCO1826
9McKay JonathanSCO1825
10McCusker AndrewSCO1784
11Munshi AryanSCO1528
12Al Dakl Alla MuhammadSCO1486
13Whalley OliverSCO1481
14Kitaev DanielSCO1470