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Durham Major

Last update 09.05.2022 00:20:47, Creator/Last Upload: Scotland chess federation (License 1)

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Final Ranking crosstable after 5 Rounds

Rk.NameRtgFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.RdPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
1Remus Elliot Luke1870ENG 39w1 21b1 10w1 6b1 4w150513,5
2Sweeting Anthony1688ENG 26w1 5b1 4w½ 10b140315,5
3Tomlinson Zak1841ENG 22w1 19b½ 27w1 12b1 5w½40313,5
4Ellames George J1891ENG 11b1 15w1 2b½ 20w1 1b03,50317,5
5Taylor Mark1816ENG 28b1 2w0 30b1 14w1 3b½3,50314,5
6Towers Brian1893ISR 38w½ 36b1 9w1 1w0 19b13,50314
7Robinson Will1904ENG 40w1 10b0 18w½ 22b1 13w13,50312
8Patrick David A1824ENG 41w½ 16b1 12b0 21w1 20b13,50311,5
9Sams Jonathan1811ENG 33w½ 41b1 6b0 32w1 24b13,5039,5
10Clegg Robert1813ENG 37b1 7w1 1b0 34w1 2w030316,5
11Bellwood Liam1736ENG 4w0 23b0 40w1 39b1 31w130310
12Ashton Alannah1612ENG 35b1 8w1 3w0 18b½30214
13Dean Robert A1862ENG 30b½ 32w1 14b½ 19w1 7b030212,5
14Greatorex Roger1780ENG 33b1 13w½ 5b0 29w130212,5
15O'gorman Brendan1788ENG 23w1 4b0 29w½ 26b½ 28w130211,5
16Walshaw David1678ENG 18b½ 8w0 36w1 31b½ 35w130211
17Robson Owen R1777ENG 20w0 41b1 29b½ 26w13029,5
18Skelsey Stuart1814ENG 16w½ 7b½ 37w+ 12w½30114
19Webb Nicholas1730IRL 24w1 3w½ 34b1 13b0 6w02,50214,5
20Mckay James1621ENG 35w½ 17b1 23w1 4b0 8w02,50214
21Chester Ian B1732ENG 25b1 1w0 26w½ 8b0 33w12,50214
22Harker Peter1695ENG 3b0 24b½ 35w1 7w0 34b12,50213
23Shek Daniel1899ENG 15b0 11w1 20b0 30w½ 32b12,50212
24Wilson Bill1871ENG 19b0 22w½ 39w1 27b1 9w02,50211,5
25Aitchison A Keith1887SCO 21w0 39b0 33w1 28b0 38w12028
26Ormerod Stephen1835ENG 2b0 28w1 21b½ 15w½ 17b020114
27Benchebra Dalil1643ENG 42w1 29b½ 3b0 24w0 30b½20112,5
28Holroyd-Doveton Nathaniel1679ENG 5w0 26b0 -1 25w1 15b020111,5
29Gosling Marcus1907ENG 27w½ 15b½ 17w½ 14b020013,5
30Fisher Neal1704ENG 13w½ 31b½ 5w0 23b½ 27w½20013
31Brockes Jeremy P1818ENG 30w½ 37b½ 16w½ 11b020013
32Jefferies Steve H1629ENG 13b0 38w1 9b0 23w01,50113
33Murdoch Stephen1675NZL 9b½ 14w0 25b0 36w1 21b01,50112,5
34Coward Neil1828ENG 38b1 19w0 10b0 22w01,50112
35Mckay Mark1800ENG 20b½ 12w0 22b0 41w1 16b01,50111,5
36Marsh John S1752ENG 6w0 16b0 33b0 39w11,50111,5
37Tyson Terry1677ENG 10w0 40b1 31w½ 18b- -01,50111,5
38Teague David1740ENG 6b½ 34w0 32b0 40w1 25b01,5019,5
39Lukauskas Titas1705ENG 1b0 25w1 24b0 11w0 36b010114
40Buckley James1799ENG 7b0 37w0 11b0 38b0 41w110111
41Czestochowski Eddie1682ENG 8b½ 9w0 17w0 35b0 40b00,50012,5
42Goede Jan0ENG 27b0 -0 -0 -0 -00009

Tie Break1: Direct Encounter (The results Of the players In the same point group)
Tie Break2: Greater number of victories/games variable
Tie Break3: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel With parameter)