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Durham Open

Last update 09.05.2022 14:23:06, Creator/Last Upload: Scotland chess federation (License 1)

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Final Ranking crosstable after 5 Rounds

Rk.NameRtgFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.RdPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
1IMClarke Brandon Gi2445ENG 34b1 15w1 12b1 2w1 3b½4,50416,5
2FMWall Tim P2296ENG 43w1 13b1 8w1 1b0 20w140416
3GMGormally Daniel W2476ENG 16w1 33b½ 9w1 27b1 1w½40316
4IMLarge Peter G2285ENG 36b1 11w½ 23b1 28w1 6b½40315
5FMWalker David J2271ENG 45w1 14b1 27w½ 7b½ 17w140314,5
6Frederic Clement2216FRA 37b1 18w1 28b½ 29w1 4w½40314
7WCMVarney Zoe2046ENG 50w1 42b1 5w½ 12b140313
8FMFernandez Michael H2187ENG 32b1 10w1 2b0 19w½ 29b13,50315,5
9Waller Dan2079ENG 47w1 3b0 46w1 28b13,50313
10Cansdale Zach1989ENG 57w1 8b0 24w½ 51b1 27w13,50311
11CMArnott Jonathan W2130ENG 31w1 4b½ 15w½ 16b½ 30w13,50215
12Redmond John P2206IRL 21w1 30b1 1w0 44b1 7w030316
13Oswald Graeme2131ENG 54b1 2w0 36b0 39w1 45b130311
14FMDougherty Michael2115CAN 53b1 5w0 37b0 54w1 36b130310,5
15FMGayson Peter M2134ENG 48w1 1b0 11b½ 50w1 19b½30214,5
16Hort Max1917GER 3b0 39w1 38b1 11w½ 18b½30214,5
17Ekanem Nathan2005NGR 22b½ 32w1 37w1 5b030214
18Leon Cazares Gustavo2079MEX 55w1 6b0 43w1 21b½ 16w½30213
19AGMSkettos Nicolas1941CYP 56w1 27b0 22w1 8b½ 15w½30212,5
20Coathup Roger H2141ENG 41b1 44w½ 36w1 2b030212,5
21Garnett John S1868ENG 12b0 58w1 35b1 18w½ 33b½30211,5
22Wilson Kevin J1818ENG 42b½ 17w½ 19b0 38w1 50b130211,5
23Dauber Stephen W2078ENG 58b1 4w0 45b½ 49w130211
24Gillespie David P1825SCO 35w½ 10b½ 26b½ 41w130113,5
25Gillespie Gary D1802SCO 26b½ 30w½ 41b½ 44w130112
26Ackley Peter Je1978ENG 59b½ 25w½ 46b½ 24w½ 37b130110,5
27Townsend M Paul2166ENG 46b1 19w1 5b½ 3w0 10b02,50216,5
28FMBurnett Andrew2176SCO 40w1 49b1 6w½ 4b0 9w02,50215
29Thomson Neil1968SCO 51b1 33w1 6b0 8w02,50214
30Watson Jacob1922ENG 38b1 12w0 25b½ 42w1 11b02,50213,5
31Shenbagakumar Gautham1700ENG 11b0 36w0 40w1 43b½ 52w12,50211
32Ridge Michael1847SCO 8w0 57b1 17b0 56w1 34b½2,50210
33Szekely Virgil2137ENG 39b1 3w½ 29b0 34w½ 21w½2,50114
34Mollison Jamie1908SCO 1w0 48b1 49w½ 33b½ 32w½2,50113
35Shahbazi Mahmoud2011ENG 24b½ 21w0 49b½ 51w12,50111,5
36Herring Sam Ac1900ENG 4w0 31b1 13w1 20b0 14w020215,5
37Booth Steven B1886ENG 6w0 55b1 14w1 17b0 26w020214
38Bates Chris0ENG 30w0 40b1 16w0 22b0 54b120211,5
39Caso Huerta Marcos1811ESP 33w0 16b0 55w1 13b0 56b120210
40Gazis George1830GRE 28b0 38w0 31b0 59w1 57b12028
41Zhu Yaoyao1930ENG 20w0 53b1 25w½ 24b020113
42Barton Zachary2158ENG 22w½ 52b1 7w0 30b0 48w½20113
43Brencher Paul1901ENG 2b0 54w1 18b0 31w½ 46b½20112,5
44Sullivan Daniel Js1957ENG 59w1 20b½ 12w0 25b020112
45Irving Neil1888SCO 5b0 53w½ 59b1 23w½ 13w020112
46Ilett Raymond J1830ENG 27w0 56b1 26w½ 9b0 43w½20111,5
47Mckay Jonathan1897SCO 9b0 51w0 48b½ 55w120110,5
48Thomas Phillip1770ENG 15b0 34w0 58b1 47w½ 42b½20110
49Goede Jan0ENG -1 28w0 34b½ 35w½ 23b020012,5
50Tart Peter K1869ENG 7b0 52w1 15b0 22w01,50114
51Wynarczyk Raymond1742ENG 29w0 47b1 10w0 35b01,50113
52Villalard Nigel G1950ENG 42w0 50b0 53w1 31b01,50110
53Sun Meng1666ENG 14w0 45b½ 41w0 52b0 59w11,5019
54May Paul1749ENG 13w0 43b0 57w1 14b0 38w010110,5
55Mize Dylan1615USA 18b0 37w0 39b0 58w1 47b01019,5
56Gamble Marc600SCO 19b0 46w0 -1 32b0 39w010010,5
57Sunny Saurav1477IND 10b0 32w0 54b0 -1 40w01009,5
58Corfield Zoe1594FRA 23w0 21b0 48w0 55b0 -11009
59Liu Zizheng1445ENG 26w½ 44b0 45w0 40b0 53b00,50010,5

Tie Break1: Direct Encounter (The results Of the players In the same point group)
Tie Break2: Greater number of victories/games variable
Tie Break3: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel With parameter)