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2022 Ontario Open - U1400

Last update 24.05.2022 03:20:40, Creator/Last Upload: Canada Chess Federation (Licence 34)

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Final Ranking crosstable after 6 Rounds

Rk.NameRtgFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd TB1 
1Hilker Nathan1143CAN 16w1 26b1 32w1 14b1 23w1 2w16
2Charles Christopher1260CAN 55w1 31b1 30w1 6b1 13w1 1b05
Tsenter Ester1143CAN 34b0 61w1 43b1 15w1 4b1 13b15
4Allahverdi Umid1340AZE 54w1 40b1 11w1 23b½ 3w0 14b14,5
Su Jayden Chenxuan1289CAN 24w1 14b0 44w1 53b1 32w1 7b½4,5
Cawse James1088CAN 60b1 33w1 15b1 2w0 8b½ 21w14,5
Mickelson Jonah1022CAN 61b1 15w0 36b1 46w1 33b1 5w½4,5
Kuzin Stephen837CAN 10w1 20b½ 57w1 18b½ 6w½ 27b14,5
Liu Sean0CAN 13w0 52b1 40w1 11b1 30w½ 20b14,5
Varol Cansin0CAN 8b0 58w1 42b1 30b½ 44w1 23w14,5
11Pan Nicholas1072CAN 36b1 42w1 4b0 9w0 34b1 33w14
Gerber Jerry1070CAN 44w0 51b1 56w1 27b0 35w1 32b14
Wang Mengxuan966CAN 9b1 34w1 18w1 20b1 2b0 3w04
Lukinykh Slava915CAN 46b1 5w1 21b1 1w0 19b1 4w04
Al Qadi Sad0CAN 48w1 7b1 6w0 3b0 45w1 30b14
Chen Aaron0CAN 1b0 39w1 19b0 63w1 38b1 40w14
Voleti Sreekar0CAN 52w1 30b0 25w1 32b0 53w1 31b14
18Bulatovic Marko1332CAN 41b1 50w1 13b0 8w½ 22b0 46w13,5
Huang Eric1199CAN 25w1 32b0 16w1 35b1 14w0 26b½3,5
Yang Lucy1176CAN 58b1 8w½ 22b1 13w0 29b1 9w03,5
Shepherd Zachary1161CAN 59w1 53b1 14w0 45b1 27w½ 6b03,5
Lesperance Charles1145CAN 65b+ 44b½ 20w0 57b1 18w1 -03,5
Lim Justin1141CAN 35w1 45b1 27w1 4w½ 1b0 10b03,5
Semianiuk Catherine726CAN 5b0 46w0 28b½ 49w1 41w1 44b13,5
Al Rashdi Loay0CAN 19b0 63w1 17b0 62w1 46b½ 39w13,5
Liu Oscar0CAN 39b1 1w0 33b0 47w1 50b1 19w½3,5
Shah Mustafa0CAN 51b1 38w1 23b0 12w1 21b½ 8w03,5
28Kang Richard1364CAN 53w0 57b0 24w½ 59b1 43b13
Wen Justin1278CAN 42b0 60w1 34b1 33w0 20w0 55b13
Zhan Jayden Zihan923CAN 62b1 17w1 2b0 10w½ 9b½ 15w03
Li Yuming (Jerry)914CAN 67b1 2w0 36b1 17w03
Trudeau Charlie882CAN 63b1 19w1 1b0 17w1 5b0 12w03
Shen Yining770CAN 64w+ 6b0 26w1 29b1 7w0 11b03
Chen Timmy0CAN 3w1 13b0 29w0 52b1 11w0 53b13
Fakoorziba Payam0CAN 23b0 49w1 38b1 19w0 12b0 50w13
Gomes Gaspar Yago0CAN 11w0 48b1 7w0 55b1 31w0 52b13
Ragalie Michael0CAN 50b0 41w0 58b1 54b13
38Hambardzumyan Narek1074CAN 43w1 27b0 35w0 56b1 16w0 45b½2,5
Gay Heidi1018CAN 26w0 16b0 59w1 60b1 43w½ 25b02,5
Takeuchi Nobuko920CAN 66w+ 4w0 9b0 42w1 16b02,5
Fiorucci Mario756CAN 18w0 37b1 45w0 24b0 56b12,5
Fiorucci Marcus694CAN 29w1 11b0 10w0 40b0 58w12,5
Goel Dev0CAN 38b0 59b1 3w0 51w1 39b½ 28w02,5
Green Mike0CAN 12b1 22w½ 5b0 48w1 10b0 24w02,5
Mcgowan Joseph0CAN 49b1 23w0 41b1 21w0 15b0 38w½2,5
Prickett-Morgan Henry0CAN 14w0 24b1 55w1 7b0 25w½ 18b02,5
Gara Emil0CAN -0 -0 26b0 61w1 57b12,5
48Bala Mehar1213CAN 15b0 36w0 58b1 44b0 56w0 59w+2
Guo Laura947CAN 45w0 35b0 60w0 24b0 67w+ 63w12
Wang William Kaiyuan915CAN 37w1 18b0 26w0 35b02
Hu Ethan913CAN 27w0 12w0 61b1 43b0 57w1 -02
Sekaran Adithya805CAN 17b0 9w0 67b1 34w0 60b1 36w02
Banerjee Evan790CAN 28b1 21w0 62b1 5w0 17b0 34w02
Li Sophia Jiawei764CAN 4b0 62w0 63b1 37w02
Lesperance Milan609CAN 2b0 67w1 46b0 36w0 62b1 29w02
Fihrer Gidon0CAN 12b0 38w0 48b1 41w02
57Le Nguyen Jennifer0CAN 28w1 8b0 22w0 51b0 47w01,5
58Al Thubian Andre0CAN 20w0 10b0 48w0 61b1 37w0 42b01
Azbel Adam0CAN 21b0 43w0 39b0 67w1 28w0 48b-1
Fortner Emily0CAN 6w0 29b0 49b1 39w0 52w0 61b01
Ishow Youssef0CAN 7w0 3b0 51w0 58w0 47b0 60w11
Mclean Robert0CAN 30w0 54b1 53w0 25b0 55w0 -01
Tian Raymond0CAN 32w0 25b0 -1 16b0 54w0 49b01
64Parakin Don1344CAN 33b- -0 -0 -0 -0 -00
Bruce Ian0CAN 22w- -0 -0 -0 -0 -00
Penthor Stacey0CAN 40b- -0 -0 -0 -0 -00
Rasul Samaira0CAN 31w0 55b0 52w0 59b0 49b- -00

Tie Break1: points (game-points)