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Offene Kötschach-Mauthner Schach-Gemeindemeisterschaft 2022

Last update 08.07.2022 20:31:57, Creator/Last Upload: Raiffeisen SV K├Âtschach-Mauthen

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Starting rank

1Berger Josef1619594AUT1726
2Lederer Peter1626280AUT1620
3Weiler Georg1621181AUT1613
4Grubauer Gerhard Dr.1619632AUT1561
5Lenzhofer Michael1644084AUT1550
6Kanzian Heinz1632671AUT1517
7Valtiner Valentina1659219AUT1101w
8Stefan Maximilian1655990AUT1092
9Thurner Tobias1669907AUT989
10Uprimny Naomi1675389AUT869w
11Lenzhofer Johannes1669915AUT843
12Akhmedov ZurabRUS830
13Peturnig ValerianAUT800