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Open Noord Nederlands Jeugdkampioenschap 2022 EFGH

Last update 15.05.2022 11:58:01, Creator/Last Upload: NOSBO

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Final Ranking crosstable after 7 Rounds

Rk.NameRtgFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.RdPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
1De Wit Jim829NED 32b1 22w1 13b1 3w1 2b1 10w½ 5b16,53229,7527
2Gohil Viaan1163NED 6w1 28b1 5w1 8b1 1w0 4b1 10w163427,5025
3Van der Kolk Deen754NED 37w1 30b1 4w1 1b0 6w1 14b1 8w163124,5024
4Rauschel Marten0GER 15b1 9w1 3b0 13w1 18b1 2w0 19w153321,0021
5Bakker Hannah377NED 24b1 12w1 2b0 40w1 22b1 9w1 1w053118,5022
6Botter Simon0NED 2b0 38w1 26b1 11w1 3b0 13w1 15b1530,518,5018
7Roersma Dylan0NED 17w1 11w1 18b1 10w0 9b0 16b1 14w153020,5021
8Meijer Daniƫl764NED 39b1 29w1 25b1 2w0 10b1 15w1 3b052917,0023
9Mousa Besher650NED 34w1 4b0 29w1 28b1 7w1 5b0 17w152818,0020
10Terpstra Daniel809NED 43w1 36b1 16w1 7b1 8w0 1b½ 2b04,53116,7523
11Bakker Joris462NED 23w1 7b0 44w1 6b0 31w1 20b½ 27w14,52614,0017
12Saloum Yarob0GER 41w1 5b0 28w0 29b1 36w½ 31b1 23w14,52212,7515,5
13Holkema Neo259NED 44w1 20b1 1w0 4b0 21w1 6b0 29w1429,513,0017
14Van Dellen Thijmen508NED 30b0 39w1 23b1 25w1 16b1 3w0 7b042713,0018
15Rademaker Sven488NED 4w0 37b1 30w1 36b1 20w1 8b0 6w042712,0018
16Linsi Temu237NED 27b1 40w1 10b0 19b1 14w0 7w0 30b142612,5018
17Kempenaar Yildert463NED 7b0 34w1 24b1 22w0 32b1 28w1 9b042612,5016
18Saloum Michael0GER 33b½ 26w1 7w0 45b1 4w0 36b1 20w½424,511,0016
19Staphorst Koene660NED 29b0 33w1 32b1 16w0 39b1 22w1 4b0423,511,5016
20Tollenaar Vygo0NED 48b1 13w0 45b1 33w1 15b0 11w½ 18b½4229,7517,5
21Wessels Keke0GER 45b1 25w0 22b0 30w1 13b0 39w1 28b1420,59,5014
22Bezemer Dennis0NED 42w1 1b0 21w1 17b1 5w0 19b0 24w½3,52911,7516,5
23Roersma Melvin0NED 11b0 41b1 14w0 26w1 25b½ 33w1 12b03,52510,2513,5
24Rozendal Alfina0NED 5w0 35b1 17w0 31b0 42w1 32w1 22b½3,523,59,7511,5
25Ensink Isa231NED 47w1 21b1 8w0 14b0 23w½ 27b0 41w13,523,59,2515,5
26Wilting Oskar0GER 31w1 18b0 6w0 23b0 45w1 35b½ 36w13,522,58,5012
27Steneker Roan0NED 16w0 31b1 36w0 41b½ 46w1 25w1 11b03,5219,0013
28Van der Schuur Steph199NED 38b1 2w0 12b1 9w0 40b1 17b0 21w03289,0015
29Meyer Lönne0GER 19w1 8b0 9b0 12w0 34b1 40w1 13b0327,59,0012
30Nijboer Aron0NED 14w1 3w0 15b0 21b0 47w1 41b1 16w0325,57,5012
31Bosma Colin0NED 26b0 27w0 38b1 24w1 11b0 12w0 42b13248,0010
32Britz Matthes0GER 1w0 42b1 19w0 44b1 17w0 24b0 43w13246,0011
33Terpstra Filip306NED 18w½ 19b0 46w1 20b0 35w1 23b0 34b½3238,0012
34Munteanu Bogdan0GER 9b0 17b0 35w½ 43b1 29w0 46b1 33w½321,56,509
35Bierhof Frank0NED 40b0 24w0 34b½ 37w1 33b0 26w½ 39b1319,57,758,5
36Akoel Sophia0GER 46b1 10w0 27b1 15w0 12b½ 18w0 26b02,525,57,2513,5
37Meenken Frederik0GER 3b0 15w0 41w½ 35b0 43w0 48b1 46w12,519,53,505,5
38Tilman Ivan0NED 28w0 6b0 31w0 42b0 48b1 45w½ 40b12,517,53,755
39Joldertsma Julius0NED 8w0 14b0 42w1 47b1 19w0 21b0 35w0223,53,509
40Van Roijen Joris0NED 35w1 16b0 43w1 5b0 28w0 29b0 38w0222,55,0012
41Koolaard Lieke276NED 12b0 23w0 37b½ 27w½ 44b1 30w0 25b0222,55,007,5
42Urban Tobias0NED 22b0 32w0 39b0 38w1 24b0 47b1 31w02194,006
43Hagen Benthe0NED 10b0 46w½ 40b0 34w0 37b1 44w½ 32b0218,54,257
44Schless Joost0GER 13b0 48w1 11b0 32w0 41w0 43b½ 47w½2182,757,5
45Bokeloh Colin0GER 21w0 47b1 20w0 18w0 26b0 38b½ 48w01,520,52,757
46Urban Hannah0NED 36w0 43b½ 33b0 48w1 27b0 34w0 37b01,517,52,007
47Suhwold Thilo0GER 25b0 45w0 48b1 39w0 30b0 42w0 44b½1,5152,005,5
48Sprong Azadeh100NED 20w0 44b0 47w0 46b0 38w0 37w0 45b1115,51,501

Tie Break1: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break2: Sonneborn-Berger-Tie-Break variable
Tie Break3: Fide Tie-Break