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XXIII Open Internacional de Sants - Ciutat de Barcelona A - 295700

Last update 28.08.2022 19:37:27, Creator: Davide Vega d'Aurelio,Last Upload: Carlos Gimenez CaƱadas

Player overview for aus

9GMCHENG Bobby2540011½111½½½183Group A

Results of the last round for aus

Rd.Bo.No. NameFEDRtgPts. ResultPts. NameFEDRtg No.
GMCHENG BobbyAUS25407 1 - 07 IMTERRY RenatoPER2507

Player details for aus

GM CHENG Bobby 2540 AUS Rp:2627 Pts. 8
1136MKCASTANER HARSTER Xavier202721744,5s 1
273CMVISSER Henk-Jan220506w 1
347IMTORRES ROSAS Luis Carlos232306,5s ½
437IMTAHAY Alexis239305,5w 1
535FMZAMENGO Fulvio239604,5s 1
621IMTRAVADON Loic246506,5w 1
712IMARONYAK Ghosh251207,5s ½
81GMNARAYANAN.S.L265408s ½
938IMFERNANDEZ GUILLEN Ernesto J.239024117,5w ½
1015IMTERRY Renato250707w 1