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2nd Cornwall Spring Congress U1525

Last update 02.05.2022 23:30:29, Creator/Last Upload: Bude Chess

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Starting rank

1Minor Harry403300ENG1503Isle Of Man
2Vallejo EldonENG1450Redruth *
3Atkin InigoWLS1420Wales
4Jago BenENG1420Penwith
5Tatam Anthony429473ENG1418Plymouth
6Gardiner Colin J438740ENG1398Camborne & Redruth
7Evdokimova MariaENG1390Carrick
8Craddock EdENG1384Newquay
9Walsh Shaun456519ENG1381Downend & Fishponds
10Reid MarkENG1360Lerryn
11Bramley DouglasENG1358Spondon
12Burt David F427934ENG1314Poole
13Welch Hazel471208ENG1301Seaton
14Russell LloydENG1195Bude
15Morgan GillianENG1180Seaton
16Jago NickENG1175Penzance
17Hill MartinENG1165St Albans
18Gerasimenko IvanENG1135Carrick
19Fretwell EllisENG1100Amesbury
20James RichardENG1100Falmouth
21Kimber-James JagoENG1100Cornwall *
22Kiser NicoleENG1100Penryn
23Ongley Kieran MENG962Bude