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2nd Cornwall Spring Congress U1860

Last update 01.05.2022 23:35:20, Creator/Last Upload: Bude Chess

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Starting rank

1Mcclatchey Rob479217ENG1846Salisbury
2Caleshu Caleb488259ENG1843Plymouth
3Hickman John E408565ENG18414ncl Leeds University Old Boys
4Cloudsdale Peter429759ENG1833York
5Sellwood ColinENG1803Camborne & Redruth
6Lekoudis George484679ENG1795Barnstaple
7Swales Andrew469645ENG1786Burnley
8Siddall Dave416371ENG1780Carlisle Austin Friars
9Tarbuck Laurence Jm460850ENG1780Lichfield
10Kirkman Nigel JENG1773Calstock
11Pearce Neville R428388ENG1740York
12Walters Philip J450294ENG1728Carlisle Austin Friars
13Williams Dave J1803565WLS1721Malpas (Gwent)
14Williams Stephen1803140WLS1717Cwmbran
15Carter Lance GENG1690Maidenhead *
16Hill MichaelENG1675Calstock
17Woolacott Rob473146ENG1660Swale
18Blencowe Ian P418510ENG1642Wotton Hall
19Chojnacki M KevinENG1639Wycombe & Hazlemere
20Rescorla Ian RENG1638Bude
21Daly Grant448087ENG1627Downend & Fishponds
22Errington Paul T425915ENG1618Bournemouth
23Carter TobyENG1600Maidenhead *
24Richards Maurice AENG1578Liskeard
25Constable Christine F415847ENG1560Bude
26Bland Paul AENG1550Wimborne
27Schumacher JamesENG1550Dorset
28Galloway James H417556ENG1540Camborne & Redruth
29Foss Michael PENG1533Woking
30Renshaw IanENG1525Carrick