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Caissa Hotel Chess Tournament * Aslı Group A *

Last update 05.03.2022 18:31:45, Creator/Last Upload: Izmir TCF

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Team-Composition with round-results

  1. D TEAM (RtgAvg:2499, TB1: 17,5 / TB2: 14)
1GMVOROBIOV EVGENY E.2537RUS½½½½½1½½15,592359
2GMKOTRONIAS VASILIOS2492GRE111½1½0½16,592359
3GMMIRZOEV AZER2468AZE101½½½½1½5,592359
  2. B TEAM (RtgAvg:2381, TB1: 14 / TB2: 8)
1IMGOKERKAN CEM KAAN2445TUR½½½1½½1½½5,592399
2FMAPAYDIN FETHI2260TUR½011½000½3,592399
3IMYILMAZYERLI MERT2439TUR½10101½½½592399
  3. C TEAM (RtgAvg:2368, TB1: 12 / TB2: 9)
1IMDANESHVAR BARDIYA2411IRI½½½0½½11½592403
2FMPASTAR SLAVEN2337BIH010010½0½392403
3FMATAKHAN ABTIN2357IRI0010½½½1½492403
  4. A TEAM (RtgAvg:2329, TB1: 10,5 / TB2: 5)
1CMERDOGMUS YAGIZ KAAN2276TUR½½½½01½0½492416
2WIMSIEBER FIONA2270GER½00½½00001,592416
3IMRATKOVIC MILOVAN2440SRB½10½½½110592416