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1st Guwahati International Open Grandmasters Chess Tournament 2022 (280085/ASM/2022)

Last update 20.03.2022 10:12:08, Creator/Last Upload: vivek sohani

Player overview for EGY

8GMFawzy Adham2490EGY1111011½118,52

Results of the last round for EGY

Rd.Bo.No. NameTypGrRtgPts. ResultPts. NameTypGrRtg No.
GMFawzy Adham2490 1 - 0 IMKrishna C R G2466

Player details for EGY

GM Fawzy Adham 2490 EGY Rp:2499 Pts. 8,5
1135Rajashekara N1443IND4,5s 1
275Tadam Dupit1788IND6w 1
345Mahindrakar Indrajeet2059IND7s 1
423IMShahil Dey2400IND6,5w 1
526IMRatnakaran K.2316IND7s 0
647Imocha Laishram2049IND6w 1
721IMGusain Himal2408IND6,5s 1
81GMPonkratov Pavel2641CFR8,5w ½
914IMDas Sayantan2459IND7s 1
1013IMKrishna C R G2466IND7,5w 1