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Caissa Hotel Chess Tournament - Kumru Group - A

Last update 13.02.2022 20:40:45, Creator: User 001,Last Upload: Istanbul TCF

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Team-Composition with round-results

  1. D Team (RtgAvg:2528, TB1: 17 / TB2: 13)
1GMSOLODOVNICHENKO YURI2561UKR141043690½½011½1½592332
2GMDELCHEV ALEKSANDER2486BUL29003941½1½110½½692332
3GMVOROBIOV EVGENY E.2537RUS4121341111½0½½1½692332
  2. A Team (RtgAvg:2329, TB1: 13,5 / TB2: 9)
1CMCAMLAR ARDA2288TUR4457669200½½0½01½392399
2IMYILMAZYERLI MERT2439TUR63059621½0½11½½½5,592399
3FMAPAYDIN FETHI2260TUR630252101010½11½592399
  3. C Team (RtgAvg:2351, TB1: 13 / TB2: 8)
1IMANNABERDIEV MEILIS2503TKM1400056311½11½1½½792391
2FMBICER ATAKAN MERT2351TUR345606450½1110½0½4,592391
3WIMCAGLAR SILA2200TUR6364063000100½001,592391
  4. B Team (RtgAvg:2316, TB1: 10,5 / TB2: 6)
1FMOZSAKALLIOGLU OKAN2270TUR63670111½½01½½½15,592403
2FMOZSOY ALIMERT2342TUR345036760½000½00½1,592403
3FMPASTAR SLAVEN2337BIH1440271810100010½3,592403