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GM Tournament Vienna 02/2022

Last update 25.02.2022 16:57:03, Creator/Last Upload: Wiener Schachverband (TA)

Starting rank list of players

10GMDragnev Valentin1634852AUT25331. Sk Ottakring
6GMNagy Gabor737119HUN2530Fürstenfeld
1IMHorvath Dominik1642561AUT2483Sv Pamhagen
7IMKraus Tomas331708CZE2477Atsv Vorwärts Steyr
2GMDiermair Andreas1612468AUT2469Sv Raika Rapid Feffernitz
4IMBaumegger Siegfried1602829AUT2464Tschaturanga
5IMFröwis Georg1618423AUT24491. Sk Ottakring
8IMSahidi Samir14936372SVK2432
9IMBänziger Fabian1330110SUI2418Hohenems
3IMMenezes Christoph1617001AUT2415Union Ansfelden