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Caissa Hotel Chess Tournament Pirgos Group - B

Last update 26.02.2022 12:08:14, Creator/Last Upload: Balikesir TCF

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Team-Composition with round-results

  1. Stars (RtgAvg:1942, TB1: 28,5 / TB2: 10)
1WFMAydin Gulenay2069TUR345574310½1½½½1½1½61021034058,4
2Ozcan Kaan2000TUR34566422111½1101118,510210340196
3Koc Azra Ece1963TUR445121201½01001½½04,51021034055,2
4Ozsac Samet Harun1921TUR345706830110½½0½½½4,51021034075,2
5Ciftci Zeynep1757TUR63929700111000110510210340152,8
  2. Masters (RtgAvg:2103, TB1: 21,5 / TB2: 10)
1FMJovic Stanoje2182SRB90502010111½1½½17,510194220-6,4
2Sevic Slobodan2112SRB9152890½00½00½0½210194220-102
3Dimitrijevic Ivan2093SRB920495000½0110002,510194220-88
4Volarov Damir2075SRB918970100½1½1½015,510194220-23,6
5FMMatovic Petar2055SRB9261671½00½100½½410194220-48,8