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Organizer(s)MAPO "Keravnos" Oreokastrou
FederationGreece ( GRE )
Tournament directorTsarouhas Vasilios (4203437)
Chief ArbiterIA Gerontopoulos Prodromos (4214463)
Deputy Chief ArbiterIA Oustabasidou Eleni (4285069)
Time control (Standard)Standard: All Moves in 35 Min. Incr. 30 Sec. / /
LocationHotel "Philippion" Thessaloniki
Number of rounds8
Tournament typeSwiss-System
Rating calculationRating national, Rating international
Date2022/01/22 to 2022/01/30
Pairing programSwiss-Manager from Heinz HerzogSwiss-Manager tournamentfile

Last update 19.01.2022 22:58:57, Creator/Last Upload: greek chess federation (licence 1)

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Starting rank

1Triantaphylidis Alexandros I42142431GRE1367A+B Group
2Sioulas Stylianos25863460GRE1315A+B Group
3Margaritis Ioannis M25895923GRE1304A+B Group
4Kapia Aggeliki25813900GRE1298wA+B Group
5Siskou Evangelia42113938GRE1296wA+B Group
6Trivella Maria4263359GRE1268wA+B Group
7Nakitsas Stergios25875841GRE1237A+B Group
8Batanis Vasileios42144353GRE1179A+B Group
9Anemogianni Savvina42121256GRE1059wA+B Group
10Nikolaidis Nikolaos Viktoras42121205GRE1006A+B Group
11Bitsios Antonios42145872GRE0A+B Group
12Chatzimichail Alexandros42149460GRE0A+B Group
13Diamantaki MichaelaGRE0wA+B Group
14Diamantopoulos Marios42145503GRE0C Group
15Dimoudis Dimitrios42121280GRE0A+B Group
16Dokidis Panagiotis42127475GRE0C Group
17Fotiadou Aristi42143080GRE0wA+B Group
18Giantsis ThomasGRE0C Group
19Grigoriadis Theodoros I42134005GRE0A+B Group
20Karvounidis AggelosGRE0C Group
21Kechagias Vasileios25886177GRE0A+B Group
22Kiourtzidis Anastasios Stanislav42101743GRE0A+B Group
23Kiourtzidis Leonidas42117585GRE0A+B Group
24Maniatis PanagiotisGRE0C Group
25Margariti Aikaterini42118301GRE0wA+B Group
26Margariti Stamatia42149525GRE0wC Group
27Mavridis Athanasios Theo25876414GRE0A+B Group
28Misios Konstantinos42122406GRE0A+B Group
29Oikonomou Thomai25866702GRE0wA+B Group
30Pola AlexandraGRE0wC Group
31Pola Ourania42130905GRE0wC Group
32Sardis Ioannis42122430GRE0A+B Group
33Siskos Ioannis42145058GRE0C Group
34Spagkakas Konstantinos25876384GRE0A+B Group
35Tsartsidis Sofoklis42148715GRE0C Group
36Tsengelidis Panagiotis42142717GRE0A+B Group
37Tsitampani Georgia-MelissaGRE0wC Group
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