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World Rapid Chess Championship 2021 - Women

Last update 28.12.2021 19:03:20, Creator/Last Upload: tkarali

Player overview for LUX

23WGMBerend Elvira2344LUX01110001111719Women

Results of the last round for LUX

Rd.Bo.No. NameFEDRtgPts. ResultPts. NameFEDRtg No.
WGMKovanova BairaCFR22556 0 - 16 WGMBerend ElviraLUX2344

Player details for LUX

WGM Berend Elvira 2344 LUX Rp:2175 Pts. 7
174WIMKiolbasa Oliwia2067POL6,5s 0
277WIMUtiatskaja Irina2051CFR4,5w 1
362WGMHeredia Serrano Carla2117ECU3s 1
472WIMKamalidenova Meruert2070KAZ6w 1
578WIMSerikbay Assel2023KAZ7,5s 0
652WGMDoluhanova Evgeniya2194UKR5,5w 0
750WGMBabiy Olga2196UKR5s 0
894WFMWikar Martyna1785POL4,5w 1
958WIMRakhmangulova Anastasiya2152UKR5s 1
1090FMKurmangaliyeva Liya1894KAZ5w 1
1134WGMKovanova Baira2255CFR6s 1