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Falköping Snabb-KM 2022

Last update 11.02.2022 16:49:15, Creator/Last Upload: Josef Håkanson

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Starting rank

1Hakanson Josef1717910SWE2196
2Gustavsson Ingemar1723340SWE1919
3Strandberg Stefan 19781754580SWE1657
4Perneborn Bjorn1724339SWE1507
5Kringlund Karl1769235SWE1444
6Svensson Malte 19631755170SWE1354
7Jonasson Andreas1747614SWE1326
8Ryefalk Lucas1769243SWE0
9Wilhelmsson Daniel1748556SWE1343
10Panwar Mohit1768646SWE1742