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2021 Liberia National Chess Championship

Last update 10.01.2022 01:54:43, Creator/Last Upload: LCF_National

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Final Ranking crosstable after 9 Rounds

Rk.NameRtgFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.Rd8.Rd9.RdPts. TB1  TB2  TB3  TB4  TB5 
1Bobby Ballah1816LBR 44b1 38w1 8b0 16w+ 6w1 2b1 5w1 3b1 4w½7,5075041,253
2Arnold Smith1836LBR 27w1 16b1 11b0 38w1 9b1 1w0 22b1 21b1 8w170747,534,504
3Thomas Saah1835LBR 39b1 31w1 22b1 8w0 17w1 13b1 11b1 1w0 5w170746,534,504
4David Leroy Debblay1943LBR 12b0 29w1 10b1 13b0 38w1 42w1 9b1 8w1 1b½6,5064631,752
5James Tondo1900LBR 45b1 35w½ 24b1 9w1 21b1 8w1 1b0 12w1 3b06,50645,531,753
6Charles Haji Kiadii1910LBR 34b1 51w1 9b0 28w1 1b0 22w½ 35b1 24w1 12b16,5064325,003
7Wallace O. Williams1772LBR 30b1 9w0 39b1 22w½ 14b+ 36b1 12w0 15b1 11w16,5064229,504
8FMBarcon Harmon1914LBR 47w1 10b1 1w1 3b1 12w1 5b0 13w+ 4b0 2b060655,533,502
9Miller Moore1815LBR 40w1 7b1 6w1 5b0 2w0 18b1 4w0 17b1 16w+60649,531,003
10Melvin A. Weah1623LBR 29b1 8w0 4w0 32b1 41w1 26b0 38w1 19b1 21w+60640,524,003
11Kennedy Zinnah Kengo1698LBR 14b1 52w+ 2w1 12b½ 13w0 15b1 3w0 25b1 7b05,5055226,253
12FMJacob Jallah1902LBR 4w1 43b+ 17b1 11w½ 8b0 35w1 7b1 5b0 6w05,50548,527,252
13CMDaniel Kolliemelen1831LBR 46w1 36b1 21b½ 4w1 11b1 3w0 8b- -0 24b+5,5054825,502
14Mark Miller0LBR 11w0 37b1 18w1 36b½ 7w- -0 27w1 26b1 25w+5,5054123,752
15Kerkula Morlue1827LBR 24b½ 50w1 35b1 21w½ 42b½ 11w0 36b1 7w0 22b15,5044219,753
16Boakai Kpargoi0LBR 23b1 2w0 51b1 1b- 19w1 20b1 21w0 36w+ 9b-5054719,503
17Samuel Williams1708LBR 37w1 25b1 12w0 47b+ 3b0 21w0 42b1 9w0 29b150543,517,003
18Abigail Karyah1681LBR 21b0 48w1 14b0 29w1 33b1 9w0 39b1 22w0 28w150538,517,002
19Andrew Davids1790LBR 55b+ 21w0 38b0 40w1 16b0 33w1 28b1 10w0 34w150538,515,001
20Harold Evans1797LBR 22b0 24w0 48b1 39w1 28b1 16w0 25w0 32b1 30w150537,517,003
21Marvis Chea1929LBR 18w1 19b1 13w½ 15b½ 5w0 17b1 16b1 2w0 10b-50450,525,503
22Jerrus Diggs0LBR 20w1 26b1 3w0 7b½ 25w1 6b½ 2w0 18b1 15w050450,525,502
23Yallah Kekula Jr.1701LBR 16w0 46b1 28w0 37b½ 27w0 53b1 29w1 34b½ 31w150433,515,752
24Emmanuel Tarr1704LBR 15w½ 20b1 5w0 25b0 50w+ 27b1 26w1 6b0 13w-4,50445,518,252
25Otis Z. Sehwah1665LBR 50b½ 17w0 30b1 24w1 22b0 34w1 20b1 11w0 14b-4,5044118,252
26Joel O. Ebiekuta1795LBR 54w+ 22w0 42b½ 34w1 35b0 10w1 24b0 14w0 39b+4,5044014,500
27Edwards Rudolph C.1781LBR 2b0 49w1 34b½ 42w0 23b1 24w0 14b0 37w1 35b14,5043916,002
28Yarkpa Richmond1608LBR -0 44w1 23b1 6b0 20w0 41b1 19w0 35w1 18b04044114,502
29Mitchell Jacobs0LBR 10w0 4b0 46w1 18b0 44b1 31w1 23b0 42w+ 17w040438,513,001
30Bedell James1664LBR 7w0 42b0 25w0 48b1 32w0 37b1 41w+ 39w1 20b04043611,502
31Alvin Siryon1624LBR 32w1 3b0 47w0 49b1 36w0 29b0 48w1 38b+ 23b04043611,001
32Metieh Paul0LBR 31b0 45w1 50b0 10w0 30b1 39w0 40b1 20w0 46b14043213,003
33Meleh N. Davis0LBR 35b0 34w0 45b1 51w+ 18w0 19b0 37w0 44b1 43w+40431,510,002
34Cornelius K. Wreh0LBR 6w0 33b1 27w½ 26b0 37w1 25b0 44w1 23w½ 19b04033815,251
35James Sorsor1676LBR 33w1 5b½ 15w0 50b1 26w1 12b0 6w0 28b0 27w03,5034313,251
36Saah Elijah1768LBR 56b1 13w0 40b1 14w½ 31b1 7w0 15w0 16b- -03,503439,753
37Archie Dayea0LBR 17b0 14w0 53b1 23w½ 34b0 30w0 33b1 27b0 40w13,5033510,502
38Elijah Dennis1538LBR 41w1 1b0 19w1 2b0 4b0 40w1 10b0 31w- -030345,511,000
39Friday Jackson0LBR 3w0 41b1 7w0 20b0 53w1 32b1 18w0 30b0 26w-30340,58,002
40James Jones0LBR 9b0 56w+ 36w0 19b0 49w1 38b0 32w0 48b1 37b0303334,001
41Neufville Rudolph J.0LBR 38b0 39w0 44b1 45w1 10b0 28w0 30b- -0 48b130331,58,002
42Martin Doe Jr.1565LBR 51b0 30w1 26w½ 27b1 15w½ 4b0 17w0 29b- -030240,513,501
43Alfred J. Kollie1525LBR 49b1 12w- -0 -0 -0 -0 45w1 -1 33b-30232,59,501
44Grace A. Flomo0LBR 1w0 28b0 41w0 46b1 29w0 49b1 34b0 33w0 -1302329,502
45Davidetta Smith0LBR 5w0 32b0 33w0 41b0 46w0 -1 43b0 53w+ 49w1302307,500
46Georgina Sackie0LBR 13b0 23w0 29b0 44w0 45b1 48w0 -1 49b1 32w030228,59,502
47Christian Brownell0LBR 8b0 53w1 31b1 17w- -0 -0 -0 -0 -020236,55,001
48Kemvee H. Sambola0LBR -0 18b0 20w0 30w0 -1 46b1 31b0 40w0 41w0201337,501
49Princess K. Banney0LBR 43w0 27b0 -1 31w0 40b0 44w0 53b1 46w0 45b0201285,501
50Menvali Keita0LBR 25w½ 15b0 32w1 35w0 24b- -0 -0 -0 -01,50135,56,250
51Foday W. Kondoh1691LBR 42w1 6b0 16w0 33b- -0 -0 -0 -0 -010135,53,000
52Younnie Sheriff0LBR -1 11b- -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0100344,500
53Miatta B. Sambola0LBR -0 47b0 37w0 -1 39b0 23w0 49w0 45b- -010030,54,500
54Johnson Rudolph0LBR 26b- -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0000270,000
Keita Siaka0LBR 19w- -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0000270,000
56Allen Marcus, Jr.0LBR 36w0 40b- -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -000026,50,000

Tie Break1: Direct Encounter (The results of the players in the same point group)
Tie Break2: The greater number of victories (variable)
Tie Break3: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break4: Sonneborn-Berger-Tie-Break variable
Tie Break5: The greater number of victories (variable)