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Last update 07.12.2021 21:45:20, Creator/Last Upload: Greek Chess Federation

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Starting rank

1Koukouvinos VASIL4219619GRE1473
2Kitsos KONST25862804GRE1461
3Nikopoulos IOAN25862839GRE1446
4Soulikias ANTON25862855GRE1390
5Tsiakos PANAG25880098GRE1365
6Raftopoulos Emmanouil4287878GRE1361
7Bougas THEO42105242GRE1173
8Raftopoulou KONSTAN25807587GRE1154
9Kountrias KOSMAS42122252GRE1124
10RaftopoulosST Stefanos25858815GRE1116
11Dimopoulos CHRIS4289170GRE1095