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MP Masters Round Robin Classic FIDE Rating Chess Tournament-2021 AICF Event Code: 270526/MP/2021

Last update 25.11.2021 09:48:57, Creator/Last Upload: tulapurkaryash


Round 1 on 2021/11/22 at 10:00 AM
11IND2355IMKulkarni Vikramaditya1 - 0Mahindrakar IndrajeetIND21298PGN
22IND1937Aishwin Daniel0 - 1IMSharma Dinesh K.IND22887PGN
33IND2033FMGaikwad Siddhant0 - 1AFMChoubey SaurabhIND19536
44IND2212Phatak Aanjaneya0 - 1WIMFranco Valencia AngelaCOL20895
Round 2 on 2021/11/22 at 04:00 PM
18IND2129Mahindrakar Indrajeet0 - 1WIMFranco Valencia AngelaCOL20895PGN
26IND1953AFMChoubey Saurabh1 - 0Phatak AanjaneyaIND22124
37IND2288IMSharma Dinesh K.1 - 0FMGaikwad SiddhantIND20333
41IND2355IMKulkarni Vikramaditya1 - 0Aishwin DanielIND19372PGN
Round 3 on 2021/11/23 at 10:00 AM
12IND1937Aishwin Daniel1 - 0Mahindrakar IndrajeetIND21298
23IND2033FMGaikwad Siddhant1 - 0IMKulkarni VikramadityaIND23551
34IND2212Phatak Aanjaneya1 - 0IMSharma Dinesh K.IND22887
45COL2089WIMFranco Valencia Angela1 - 0AFMChoubey SaurabhIND19536
Round 4 on 2021/11/23 at 04:00 PM
18IND2129Mahindrakar Indrajeet1 - 0AFMChoubey SaurabhIND19536
27IND2288IMSharma Dinesh K.½ - ½WIMFranco Valencia AngelaCOL20895
31IND2355IMKulkarni Vikramaditya0 - 1Phatak AanjaneyaIND22124
42IND1937Aishwin Daniel1 - 0FMGaikwad SiddhantIND20333
Round 5 on 2021/11/24 at 10:00 AM
13IND2033FMGaikwad Siddhant½ - ½Mahindrakar IndrajeetIND21298
24IND2212Phatak Aanjaneya0 - 1Aishwin DanielIND19372
35COL2089WIMFranco Valencia Angela0 - 1IMKulkarni VikramadityaIND23551
46IND1953AFMChoubey Saurabh0 - 1IMSharma Dinesh K.IND22887
Round 6 on 2021/11/24 at 04:00 PM
18IND2129Mahindrakar Indrajeet½ - ½IMSharma Dinesh K.IND22887
21IND2355IMKulkarni Vikramaditya0 - 1AFMChoubey SaurabhIND19536
32IND1937Aishwin Daniel0 - 1WIMFranco Valencia AngelaCOL20895
43IND2033FMGaikwad Siddhant1 - 0Phatak AanjaneyaIND22124
Round 7 on 2021/11/25 at 10:00 AM
14IND2212Phatak Aanjaneya0 - 1Mahindrakar IndrajeetIND21298
25COL2089WIMFranco Valencia Angela0 - 1FMGaikwad SiddhantIND20333
36IND1953AFMChoubey Saurabh½ - ½Aishwin DanielIND19372
47IND2288IMSharma Dinesh K.1 - 0IMKulkarni VikramadityaIND23551