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Mombasa U2200 Classical Tournament #1 (FIDE-rated)

Last update 07.11.2021 12:08:38, Creator/Last Upload: parasgudka

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Starting rank

1NURMOHAMED Sajid403903ENG1748Lighthouse Chess Club
2WAFULA Samuel10823166KEN1582Technical University Of Mombasa
3ALI Adill10828419KEN0Mombasa
4OMWOYO Brian Obwoge10827714KEN0South Eastern Kenya University
5KALEMA Jackson Kioko10802541KEN0Mombasa Chess Club
6THUMBI Jackson10828338KEN0Mombasa Technical Training Institut
7NDUNGU Noreen Nyambura10828680KEN0wMombasa Technical Training Institut
8SHAH Shubh Jaideep10813241KEN0U18Mombasa Chess Academy
9OMONDI Tiffany Aquino10828699KEN0wTechnical University Of Mombasa