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Israeli National Open Championship 2021

Last update 17.12.2021 23:56:00, Creator/Last Upload: Israel Chess Federation (Licence 114)

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Final Ranking crosstable after 9 Rounds

Rk.NameRtgFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.Rd8.Rd9.RdPts. TB1  TB2  TB3  TB4  TB5 
1GMNabaty Tamir2639ISR 47b1 44w1 11b0 16w1 25b1 5b1 20w1 7w1 2b½7,5047,55275
2GMPostny Evgeny2557ISR 48w1 23b1 43w1 12b½ 33w½ 24b1 6w½ 13b1 1w½704751,554
3IMEfroimski Marsel2429ISR 58b1 16w½ 38b1 25w½ 44b1 43w1 15w1 4b½7045,55054
4IMParkhov Yair2434ISR 73w1 39b½ 40w1 33b0 26w1 23b1 22w1 6b1 3w½704548,564
5GMKobo Ori2513ISR 62b1 17w1 18b1 11w½ 14b1 1w0 12b½ 38w1 7b½6,5048,552,555
6GMMikhalevski Victor2562ISR 42b1 15w1 14b½ 34w1 11b1 20w½ 2b½ 4w0 23b16,50485355
7IMGorshtein Ido2417ISR 60w1 29b1 35w0 31b1 39w1 13b1 33w1 1b0 5w½6,50465064
8GMCaspi Israel2499ISR 46b1 49w1 34b½ 14w0 35w1 36b½ 37w1 12b½ 11b16,5042,54755
9IMBronstein Or2484ISR 67w1 21b0 48w1 19b1 37w½ 34b½ 35w1 17b½ 26w16,5042,546,554
10FMShohat Yotam2325ISR 57b1 95w½ 63b1 13w0 28w0 48b1 32b1 41w1 21b16,50414565
11FMTzidkiya Yeshaayahu2394ISR 61w1 31b1 1w1 5b½ 6w0 37b½ 34w1 20b1 8w060485254
12GMFlom Gabriel2480FRA 55b1 59w1 21b1 2w½ 33b½ 5w½ 8w½ 15b½6047,55234
13GMSmirin Ilia2626ISR 45w1 26b1 33w½ 10b1 20b½ 7w0 19b1 2w0 34b1604751,555
14IMRozen Eytan2371ISR 74b1 84w1 6w½ 8b1 5w0 28b½ 41w½ 29b1 17w½6045,54944
15FMGoldin Roman2285ISR 77w1 6b0 67w1 30b1 22w½ 25b1 21w1 3b0 12w½6045,548,554
16Zemach Nadav2157ISR 82w1 3b½ 22w½ 1b0 62w1 45b½ 75w1 27b1 20w½604346,544
17FMKochavi Ori2262ISR 91w1 5b0 73w1 45b1 43w0 54b1 36w1 9w½ 14b½6041,54554
18FMKupervaser Erez2371ISR 80w1 54b1 5w0 23b0 42w½ 64b1 59w+ 40b1604043,554
19Kraus Ohad2302ISR 94b1 63w½ 95b1 9w0 74w1 22b½ 13w0 50b1 36b16039,541,555
20GMGreenfeld Alon2503ISR 50w1 37b1 24w1 35b1 13w½ 6b½ 1b0 11w0 16b½5,5047,55245
21Steiner-Prozhanski Giora2240ISR 78b1 9w1 12w0 52b1 27w1 15b0 43b1 10w05,5045,548,554
22GMBykhovsky Avigdor2399RUS 96b1 38w½ 16b½ 32w1 15b½ 19w½ 4b0 49w1 25b½5,5045,548,535
23IMGurbanov Andrei2275ISR 75b1 2w0 83b1 18w1 4w0 42b1 33b1 6w05,504447,554
24FMLevin Guy2337ISR 76b1 28w1 20b0 47w1 59b1 2w0 38b0 39w1 30b½5,504346,555
25FMGuz Ari2310ISR 88w1 30b½ 83w1 3b½ 1w0 15w0 76b1 54b1 22w½5,504345,544
26IMRibshtein Nati2291ISR 69b1 13w0 55b½ 63w1 4b0 73w1 53b1 28w1 9b05,504245,555
27FMYaniv Yuval2375ISR 51w1 35b0 62w1 29b½ 53w1 21b0 59b1 16w0 47b15,5040,544,555
28Itzhaky Shmuel2084ISR 97w1 24b0 88w1 10b1 14w½ 43b½ 26b0 51w15,5040,54344
29Barak Gil2153ISR 79b1 7w0 96b1 27w½ 36b0 55w1 61b1 14w0 38b15,50404355
30WCMLevitan Ronit2056ISR105b1 25w½ 36b½ 15w0 51b1 59w0 68w1 44b1 24w½5,504042,544
31Stolyarsky Yegor2148ISR 66b1 11w0 65b1 7w0 46w½ 60b1 45w0 73b1 52w15,503841,554
32Rozhanski Yosef2147ISR101w1 33b0 51w1 22b0 60w½ 74b1 10w0 46b1 45w15,503839,554
33FMSokolovsky Yahli2390ISR 65b1 32w1 13b½ 4w1 2b½ 12w½ 7b0 23w0 41b½5048,552,535
34FMIliaguev Nisim2331ISR 56w1 41b1 8w½ 6b0 40w1 9w½ 11b0 35b1 13w05046,550,544
35Gov Guy2131ISR 86b1 27w1 7b1 20w0 8b0 44w1 9b0 34w0 71b150444755
36IMShachar Ehud2340ISR 64w1 40b½ 30w½ 53b½ 29w1 8w½ 17b0 45b1 19w05043,547,534
37FMIliaguev Kafar2257ISR 89b1 20w0 58b1 42w1 9b½ 11w½ 8b0 40w0 65b1504345,545
38Katkov Michelle2151ISR 87w1 22b½ 3w0 46b½ 50w1 65b1 24w1 5b0 29w0504345,544
39Weisbuch Udi2209ISR 72b1 4w½ 52b½ 57w1 7b0 47w½ 24b0 60w15041,545,534
40Har-Even Abir2086ISR 70b1 36w½ 4b0 55w1 34b0 56w1 37b1 18w050414544
41Gruzman Ilya2072ISR100b1 34w0 76b1 44w0 96b1 49w1 14b½ 10b0 33w½503840,545
42Feldman Antony1986ISR 6w0 91b1 97w1 37b0 66w1 18b½ 23w0 75b1 49w½503840,544
43IMZhizmer Yuri2345ISR 71b1 53w1 2b0 84w1 17b1 3b0 28w½ 21w0 -04,50454944
44FMZemach Roee2299ISR 68w1 1b0 50w1 41b1 3w0 35b0 46w½ 30w0 80b14,504346,544
45Friedland Eldar1986ISR 13b0 69w1 56b1 17w0 57b1 16w½ 31b1 36w0 32b04,5042,546,545
46Cohen Alon1961ISR 8w0 81b1 38w½ 31b½ 52w½ 44b½ 32w0 76b14,5039,54324
47Mamantov Margarita2038ISR 1w0 77b1 68w1 24b0 97w1 39b½ 54w0 61b1 27w04,503941,544
Noy Shalom1966ISR 2b0 75w1 9b0 56w½ 79b1 10w0 88w1 51b0 74w14,503941,544
49FMTifferet Shaked2245ISR 85w1 8b0 60w0 64b1 52w1 41b0 65w1 22b0 42b½4,5038,541,545
50Mdivani Maka1962ISR 20b0 89w1 44b0 68w1 38b0 69w1 57b1 19w0 53b½4,503840,545
51Brusilovski Lena1836ISR 27b0 86w1 32b0 90w1 30w0 66b1 48w1 28b04,503840,544
52Reprun Nadejda1969ISR 92b1 39w½ 21w0 49b0 46b½ 74w1 55w1 31b04,5037,540,534
53Iliaguev Daniel2094ISR104w1 43b0 64w1 36w½ 27b0 77b1 26w0 60b½ 50w½4,50374034
54FMZalkind Konstantin2115ISR 90b1 18w0 74b0 76w1 58b1 17w0 47b1 25w0 56b½4,503739,545
55Ribstein Orel1914ISR 12w0 82b1 26w½ 40b0 89w1 29b0 77w1 52b0 75w14,5036,53944
56Pevzner Maks1790ISR 34b0100w+ 45w0 48b½ 83w1 40b0 84w½ 70b1 54w½4,503538,534
57Shaul Seidner Liad1775ISR 10w0 98b1 92w1 39b0 45w0 62b1 50w0 67b½ 73w14,503536,544
58Gavriely Or1911ISR 3w0 87b1 37w0 85b1 54w0 88b½ 81w1 62b0 78w14,5032,53544
59FMGershkowich David2229ISR 81w1 12b0 61w1 60b1 24w0 30b1 27w0 18b- -0404144,543
60Dezent Eyal1903ISR 7b0 79w1 49b1 59w0 32b½ 31w0 63b1 53w½ 39b04040,54435
61Snappir Eitan1861ISR 11b0 66w1 59b0 72w1 84b1 29w0 47w0 63b½4037,541,534
62Rosenzweig Itzhak1965ISR 5w0 85b1 27b0 88w1 16b0 57w0 58w1 64b½4037,54034
63Pashanov Stanislav2045RUS 98w1 19b½ 10w0 26b0 80w1 75b0 60w0 77b1 61w½403637,534
64Patt Zafrir1793ISR 36b0 70w1 53b0 49w0 72b1 78w1 18w0 79b½ 62w½40353834
65Kaplan Amiram1850ISR 33w0 99b1 31w0 82b1 93w1 38w0 49b0 68b1 37w040353744
66Barak Yuval1616ISR 31w0 61b0 69b1 71w1 42b0 51w0 88b1 67w½4034,53734
67Shapiro Benny1936ISR 9b0 78w1 15b0 75w0 85b½ 89w1 57w½ 66b½403436,524
68Tsafrir Ori1668ISR 44b0 94w1 47b0 50b0 99w1 96w1 30b0 65w0 79b14031,533,545
69Shilon Rahav Eliran1665ISR 26w0 45b0 66w0 93b1 90w1 50b0 70w0 98b1 86w14030,53244
70Ben David Orel0ISR 40w0 64b0 85w0 87b1 78b0100w1 69b1 56w0 88w1402830,544
71Donchik Alexander1809ISR 43w0 97b0 87w1 66b0 77w0 99b1 86w1 85b1 35w040283044
Iskoz Daniel1308ISR 39w0 73b0 93w1 61b0 64w0 81b0 99w1 90b1 85w140283044
73Haitovich Avital1914ISR 4b0 72w1 17b0 78w1 26b0 91w1 31w0 57b03,5040,543,534
74Ben-Dov Yoav1811ISR 14w0104b1 54w1 19b0 32w0 52b0 89w1 48b03,5039,54234
75Maman Emanuel1627ISR 23w0 48b0101w1 67b1 63w1 16b0 42w0 55b03,503839,534
76Kochavi Dana1790ISR 24w0 93b1 41w0 54b0 82w1 97b1 25w0 78b½ 46w03,503436,534
77Ostrovsky Evgeny1661ISR 15b0 47w0 86b½100w1 71b1 53w0 55b0 63w0 92b+3,503335,534
78Sapir Omri1381ISR 21w0 67b0104w+ 73b0 70w1 64b0 97w1 76w½ 58b03,503234,534
79Fadida Rachel1153ISR 29w0 60b0 98w1 80b½ 48w0 83b½ 96b1 64w½ 68w03,503233,524
80Krupnik Michael1810ISR 18b0 90w1 84b0 79w½ 63b0 86w½ 81b1 44w03,5031,53424
81Levitan Liel1329ISR 59b0 46w0105b1 96w0 92b½ 72w1 58b0 80w0 93b13,503032,535
82Krupnik Benaya1164ISR 16b0 55w0 94b1 65w0 76b0 90b1 83w0 92w½ 89b13,5029,531,535
83Malin Uri1975ISR102w+ 25b0 23w0 56b0 79w½ 82b1 -0 -03035,53923
84FMGleizer Mark2131ISR 99w1 14b0 80w1 43b0 61w0 56b½ 91b- -03035,537,523
85Ingel Mica Bar1405ISR 49b0 62w0 70b1 58w0 98b½ 67w½ 94b1 71w0 72b0303132,525
86Karov Inon1401ISR 35w0 51b0 77w½ 97b0 87w1 80b½ 71b0 94w1 69b030293125
87Friedland Benzi1091ISR 38b0 58w0 71b0 70w0 86b0 93w0 -1101b1 98w130262724
88Tsabari Ronen1696ISR 25b0105w1 28b0 62b0101w1 58w½ 48b0 66w0 70b02,5034,53625
89Volodarsky Michael1425ISR 37w0 50b0 99w1 55b0 92w1 67b0 74b0 82w02,50323424
90Aboud Osama0ISR 54w0 80b0 91w1 51b0 69b0 82w0100b1 72w0 94b½2,50303225
91Zurel Maxim1474ISR 17b0 42w0 90b0 92w½100b1 98w1 73b0 84w- -02,503031,524
92Yehuda Fadida1428ISR 52w0 57b0 91b½ 81w½ 89b0101w½ 82b½ 77w-2,503031,504
93Schwimmer Lior0ISR 95b0 76w0 72b0 69w0 65b0 87b1 99w1 81w02,5028,530,524
94Zidan Adham0ISR 19w0 68b0 82w0 99b0 -1101b1 85w0 86b0 90w½2,502627,514
95Yaacov Avi2070ISR 93w1 10b½ 19w0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0203739,511
96Kuritz Zvi1879ISR 22w0101b1 29w0 81b1 41w0 68b0 79w0 -0 -02033,53523
97Boulos Boulos0ISR 28b0 71w1 42b0 86w1 47b0 76w0 78b0 -0100w0203234,524
98Tannus Milad0ISR 63b0 57w0 79b0 -1 85w½ 91b0 69w0 87b0202830,504
99Rahat Yehonatan Zvi1379ISR 84b0 65w0 89b0 94w1 68b0 71w0 72b0 93b0101w1202728,525
100Khoury George0ISR 41w0 56b- 77b0 91w0 70b0 90w0 -0 97b11,5028,530,513
101Tabris David1439ISR 32b0 96w0 75b0105w1 88b0 94w0 92b½ 87w0 99b01,5024,526,515
102Aboud Lubna0ISR 83b- -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -00,502930,500
103Knafo Michael1672ISR -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -000262700
104Alkabetz Mishel0ISR 53b0 74w0 78b- -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -00024,525,501
105Sugar Dovid Yishai0ISR 30w0 88b0 81w0101b0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -000222302

Tie Break1: Direct Encounter (The results Of the players In the same point group)
Tie Break2: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel With parameter)
Tie Break3: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel With parameter)
Tie Break4: Greater number of victories/games variable
Tie Break5: Most black