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FIDE World Amateur Championships 2021 Rhodes Island - Greece - U2000

Last update 25.10.2021 18:49:05, Creator/Last Upload: tkarali

Player overview for bel

18Degrande Marigje1889BEL111½1½½117,52U2000

Results of the last round for bel

Rd.Bo.No. NameRtgPts. ResultPts. NameRtg No.
Astrelin Evgeny1980 0 - 1 Degrande Marigje1889

Player details for bel

Degrande Marigje 1889 BEL Rp:2138 Pts. 7,5
145Qatan Said Mahad1711OMA3,5s 1
238Al Ibrahim Abdulrahman1780KUW3,5w 1
325Dogu Hasim1852TUR4,5s 1
435Peter Anand A1787IND7,5w ½
51CMMohamed Saeed Laily1996UAE6s 1
619WCMSultanbek Zeinep1883KAZ7w ½
726Celik Berkay1846TUR6s ½
811Ehab Mohamed1948EGY6w 1
92Astrelin Evgeny1980RUS5,5s 1