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Sheikh Russel International Grandmasters Chess Tournament 2021

Last update 27.10.2021 17:06:05, Creator/Last Upload: Bangladesh Chess Federation

Player overview for sri

56CMLiyanage Ranindu Dilshan22732273SRI½½100101½4,5502290408,80
61FMPiyumantha M Sasith Nipun22312231SRI0½011100½468214720-16,60

Results of the last round for sri

Rd.Bo.No. NameTypGrFEDRtgPts. ResultPts. NameTypGrFEDRtg No.
FMMehdi Hasan ParagBAN21544 ½ - ½4 CMLiyanage Ranindu DilshanU18SRI2273
FMPiyumantha M Sasith NipunU20SRI2231 ½ - ½ Sacchu Afzal HossainBAN2014

Player details for sri

CM Liyanage Ranindu Dilshan 2273 SRI Rp:2290 Pts. 4,5
15GMSolodovnichenko Yuri25772577UKR5,5s ½0,140,364014,40
215GMSumets Andrey24972497UKR6w ½0,220,284011,20
393FMMuhammed Shuaau19251925MDV4s 10,890,11404,40
423IMAditya Mittal24472447IND6w 00,27-0,2740-10,80
527GMGleizerov Evgeny24432443RUS5,5s 00,28-0,2840-11,20
681WFMNoshin Anjum20592059BAN3,5w 10,770,23409,20
745GMHimanshu Sharma23942394IND4,5s 00,34-0,3440-13,60
875FMMohammed Abdul Malek21122112BAN4w 10,710,294011,60
969FMMehdi Hasan Parag21542154BAN4,5s ½0,66-0,1640-6,40
FM Piyumantha M Sasith Nipun 2231 SRI Rp:2147 Pts. 4
110GMShyam Sundar M.25182518IND6,5w 00,16-0,1620-3,20
286Md.Abu Hanif20452045BAN2,5s ½0,74-0,2420-4,80
392WCMAhmed Walijah19831983BAN2w 00,81-0,8120-16,20
498Haznedaroglu Meltem17681768TUR3,5s 10,890,11202,20
588Hossain Showkat Pollab20212021BAN2,5w 10,770,23204,60
631GMMirzoev Azer24382438AZE4,5s 10,230,772015,40
736IMNeelash Saha24212421IND5,5w 00,25-0,2520-5,00
814GMDebashis Das25012501IND5s 00,17-0,1720-3,40
990Sacchu Afzal Hossain20142014BAN4w ½0,78-0,2820-5,60